Youth Clubs | Engage through Basketball

Youth Clubs | Engage through Basketball

The London Basketball Association is supporting a young expanding club called Sulgrave Youth Club! It is based close to Ravenscourt Park, which is one of the top facilities for outdoor basketball in the nation. The club has served young people (8-25 years old), their families and the local community, in Hammersmith since 1926. Basketball England invested about £250,000 on Ravenscourt Park basketball facilities specifically, thus making Sulgrave an ideal youth club to attract basketball players! 

The Sulgrave Team and the Ravenscourt basketball court (photos above)

With these unique set of circumstances, plus Sulgrave having its own basketball court within it’s building, basketball is viable to flourish. Currently, Sulgrave Youth Club has over 30 basketball participants attending sessions every Saturday evening (7-8pm) which LBA, London Youth and the Sulgrave Youth Club collaborate to make this possible. We highly commend youth worker Gershom, who has really been the catalyst for being so pro-active and push to make it a basketball hub for the youths.

They always want to get a friendly game and regular competitions and recently they played their first game against Brentwood Leopards team winning with a comfortable result! Also 11 young people represented the club well both in game and off court. In addition, there are many youth clubs around London ready to play, if you are interested to play basketball click here to check our youth sessions and sign up!

We’re also in talks about having any young participants qualified as basketball coaches, referees and table officials, plus giving them free access to 13 other courses such as first aid and child protection, which will really enhance their knowledge, their professionalism and the reputation, thus making them more employable. These courses are made possible by club collaboration between LBA and Big lottery Funding, London Youth and Sulgrave Youth Club.

We are very excited and happy to see the youth clubs expanding their basketball programme, but they are not the only one’s doing it, as many youth workers understand that it’s a great tool to engage with young people that they might not reach without it. Here are a few of the other Youth Clubs around who we know about with basketball programmes, Hogarth Youth Club (Chiswick), Crown & Manor Club (Hackney) & Castelnau Y0uth Club (Barnes). Support is available, so contact us to enhance your set up. We look for to follow up and sharing stories with the Youth Clubs!


(Written by Alessandro Giolli, LBA young intern)