Young Hoopers @ ASL – Frequently Asked Questions

Not this year. However we plan to have an official in-house tournament the last 2 weeks of the programme, so from week 8 we aim to know whos going to be in each team.

Yes, although we discourage these requests. We think that having children play with the new acquaintances in a sporting situation is a good experience for them. Our coaches try to make sure that children do not feel abandoned or without friends even if they do not know anyone on the team at the beginning of the season. Same applies to age categories.

There are multipul Young Hoopers locations. This one at the American School in London is only on Sundays.

Generally, this is not good practice and we don’t recommend, LBA has final say but will look on it on case by case.

Please let your child’s coach(es) know if your child will be late or will miss a game so the coach(es) can organise the player rotation based on the expected number of players to play on the game day.

Yes, your child is guaranteed to play in the league. The Skills Assessment session is for us to evaluate the abilities of the players to allocate them to teams in a way that will keep the teams as evenly matched as possible. Your child will be able to play no matter how they performed at the Skills Assessment session.