Looking for an opportunity to play basketball between the months of November 2023 to March 2024? Look no further!

The Basketball progamme at the American School in London is under new management! The London Basketball Association will now be running the show and we are determined to make it a success!

The programme will have a theme for each week and will include 5v5 & the 3X3 version of the sport. We welcome young people between the ages of 5 to 15 to develop their passion for the game of basketball. As per the LBA’s mission statement, the programme will be inclusive as it’s about participation and inspiring to play for a lifetime! While basketball will be the focus of the programme, the LBA places an emphasis on developing young people’s self-confidence and well-being in a supportive environment. Whether you are an absolute beginner or NBA ready, come and join us!

You can come to expect a well-structured programme where the LBA pro coaches will start off developing skills and concepts of the game, followed by games and challenges throughout the 12 weeks (21 hours* of on-the-court action). During the last couple of weeks, there will be a tournament setting to see who wins the Trophies and medals! It will be a great place to learn, make friends, be challenged in the best way and for the young people to compete against their peers.

Follow these three steps:


  1. September – Complete Expression of Interest
  2. October – From the 6th October, you can pay to enter via Crowdfunder . This will close on the 16th of November. Be sure to choose the correct reward. Contact us with any queries. 
  3. After payment is confirmed, you will receive confirmation email with useful information


Entry Fee


  • £225 – £250 

🌟 Meet Our All-Star Coaching Team! Can You Guess Who’s Who? 🌟


Get ready to be blown away by our coaching dream team! We’ve got a current London Lions player, a strength and conditioning specialist, scholarship recipients from the United States of America, and a coach who has worked alongside national team legends. Can you figure out who’s who before we kick off? Here are the 4 head coaches that will be working with you throughout this season 


Time Slot A | 10:00 – 11:30

  • Court 1 – Mixed, aged 5-7
  • Court 2 – Boys, aged 8-10
  • Court 3 – Girls, 8-11


Time Slot B | 11:30 – 13:30

  • Court 1 – Boys, aged 11-12
  • Court 2 – Girls, aged 12-15
  • Court 3 – Boys, aged 13-15

(20 places per category*)


Good Information 

  • Dates:


Nov 5, 12, 19

Dec 3, 10

Jan 14, 21, 28

Feb 4, 11

Mar 10, 17

  • Venue: 


American School in London

1 Waverley Place



Bring Your Ball

While we’ll provide equipment, we encourage every kid to bring their own basketball. It’s your trusty sidekick on this basketball adventure. Check out our recommended sizes:

  • Mixed 5-7 = Size 4 & 5 
  • Boys 8-10 = Size 5 
  • Girls 8-11 = Size 5 
  • Boys 11-12 = Size 6 
  • Girls 12-15 = Size 6
  • Boys 13-15 = Size 6 & 7


Session Layout

You can expect the first half of every session to be skill development, concept development and some strength and conditioning. The second half will be based on challenges and games. Each week will have a theme, here are Skills & Concepts we will be covering:

  1. Dribbling
  2. Passing
  3. Shooting
  4. Lay-ups
  5. Pick & Roll
  6. Rebounding
  7. Defence
  8. Fast break
  9. Pass & cut

Final 2 weeks will be the Tournament!

(The above is not aimed for the 5-7 developmental group & coaches reserve the right to adjust)


ROC Framework

ROC stands for Referees, table Officials and coaches. LBA has an initiative that all players should grow up being one. That said during the programme, keep an eye out for our young people in action even if it’s just as a table Official!


The school have the right to give us short notice cancellation of a date due to a school event. They will also look for an alternative, however, cannot guarantee. LBA will do our best to figure out a solution. 

In order to ensure the programme runs smoothly, we encourage voluntary support from parents and understand that this can be a great bonding experience opportunity too. We also welcome the wider community too. Volunteering roles are varied and certain roles do not require any experience with basketball. All that’s needed is enthusiasm and a desire to make the programme a resounding success. If you sign up, we will reach out to you about roles with the aim of locking you in!

  • Media Crew member (2 vacancies per category)
    • Capture footage (Pictures and/or Videos)
    • Interview players, Coaches, parents and volunteers, 
    • Edit footage
    • Post on LBA Socials (Instagram Stories)
    • Ideally have your own equipment
  • Equipment Manager (2 vacancies per category)
    • Ensure all equipment are ready for games (e.g. basketballs are pumped)
    • Monitor safety of the court.
    • Ensure equipment is organised in the foyer and not on the court.
    • Ensure the court is left in good condition, with all equipment packed up.
    • We like 2 per category. This means that if one person is not around, the other can sort it.
  • Assistant Commissioner (2 vacancies per category)
    • You will be assisting with logistics alongside the LBA Staff, ensuring the programme runs smoothly.
    • Relay Important information between coaches, parents and players.
    • Ensure results and standings are updated and accurate.
    • Liaise with coaches to finalise team sheets.
    • Handing out kit.
    • Answer questions from parents and players.
  • Coach 
    • Inform players about school regulations (e.g. Not leaving the court area)
    • Previous basketball experience not required.
    • Instructing and helping players through drills.
    • Ensure games are played with good sportsmanship.
    • Inform commissioner of results.
  1.  13 weeks of basketball at a world-class facility
  2.  Approximately 23* hours of on-the-court action!
  3.  Access to qualified LBA staff
  4.  Reversible training top included 
  5.  Coaching and officiating opportunities for older age groups
  6.  Medals and prizes
  7.  Volunteering opportunities