Whistles & Wisdom: Mentorship Program Cultivates Referees & Opens Doors

Calling all passionate basketball referees! Eager to share your expertise, hone your leadership skills, and advance your own officiating career? Join the groundbreaking Pro Referee Mentorship Program, an initiative by London Basketball Association (LBA), who have a focus of developing referees in 2024. With some awsome organisation involved, like the British Basketball Federation (BBF), London Lions, London Sport, and Jordan Brand to name a few

This program offers you the opportunity to mentor the next generation of officials, get paid for your expertise, and gain unique opportunities!

Become part of a vibrant officiating community in London and shape the future of the game. Apply today and help us bridge the gap between aspiring referees and seasoned professionals!

How it works

  1. Be a Mentor: Share your expertise and guide aspiring referees, starting with 18 weeks of scrimmages across London, helping them hone their skills and gain confidence.
  2. Identify Talent: Spot potential future stars and play a crucial role in their journey towards becoming qualified referees, supported by the LBA’s training program.
  3. Network with the Best: Interact with top officials from FIBA, EuroLeague, BBL, and TeamUSA* through exclusive events and meet-and-greets, expanding your network and gaining valuable insights.

About this programme

  1. Meeting and networking with international officiating professionals
  2. Attending exclusive conferences and workshops
  3. Participating in meet-and-greet events with players and coaches
  4. Potentially advancing your own officiating career through program recommendations

Click here to Apply online and get notified about opportunities. 

LBA hold scrimmages that are 5V5 or 3X3 across London. As a pro-ref, you will be working with participants, that could be people who signed up for this programme to learn from the pros. Also note, the players will be encouraged to get involved if there is capacity.  LBA has spent time developing a method that includes 5 keys steps to help the rookies go from zero to hero with your wisdom and guidance. 

As a pro-ref working with candidates, you will have the power to nominate those who advance to gaining access to the official referee course. There will be 10 FREE courses available each round.

  • Anyone who has experience in refereeing basketball games.
  • Fluent in speaking English
  • Able to commit to London events

Once you have signed up for this programme there are 2 main opportunities to earn:

  1. You are hired to be a mentor at these programme sessions. You will be contacted about opportunities.

  2. If you’re not already a part of the AllOfficials.co.uk movement, then sign up today and get your account to start securing paid officiating jobs today from LBA and the wider community. We recommend watching the video on the home page.



  • Click here to Sign Up 
  • Location: St. Augustine Sports Centre, Kilburn, NW6 5AW
  • Day & Dates: Thursdays From March 21st – 25 April
  • Time: 17:45 – 20:00
  • Click here to Sign Up 
  • Location: The Regal (Black Prince Trust), Beaufoy Walk, London SE11 6AA
  • Date & Time:
    • Fridays from the 3rd to the 31st of May. 18:00-20:00
  • Click here to Sign Up 
  • Location: Jubilee Community Leisure Centre, 22 Lancefield St, London W10 4NW
  • Dates: Sundays, April 2nd to 7th June
  • Time: 14:45 – 17:00

Exclusive Access 

    1. Game tickets 
    2. Opportunities to officiate at practices for senior and academy teams. 


Once on this programme – be sure to request to get on this list!

  1. Tickets to TeamUSA in July 2024 (limited)
  2. Meet and greet pro-officials at official games, including BBL, EuroCup and FIBA events. Events are yet to be announced. 

Only for candidates in LBA’s ROC programme, so be sure to get on the list and inquire about these opportunities if interested. 

Did you know, by becoming a Pro Official, you can gain access to:

    1. Become an assessor/tutor for up-and-coming officials, which leads to more income opportunities.
    2. A great perk and a part of the officiating pathway is, free travel around the world to officiate at events, from FIBA to the NBA. If you have knowledge about this then please do let us know, as you could be a guest speaker at upcoming networking events, where we want to give insights to the higher levels, making it more accessible to all. Events are yet to be announced. 
    3. Be sure to find paid jobs on AllOfficials.co.uk