Westminster Mid-Season Tournament


Game Day 

IMG_20151207_194815With sneakers laced, respective kits donned, and hungry eyes sizing the competition, the young ballers took the courts. Their excitement was palpable, and as John Farmer, Director of Athletics for The American School in London, welcomed the collective group of players, smiles faded, brows furrowed, and eyes seemed to stare into nothing—hoop dreams, as they are called, were taking hold. And it was game time.

So was the beginning of the first-ever Westminster Mid-Season Tournament. Yet, despite the natural competitiveness, an underlying sensation surfaced: joy. Old
friends reunited. New friends were made. Even historic rivals shook hands in displays of mutual respect. And as buckets dropped, sending teams closer and closer to the finals of the round robin tournament, the fruits of the game shone through brilliantly—teamwork, sportsmanship, creativity, and sheer athletic ability.

And the games were not the tournament’s sole highlight; a professional tricksterbig smal performed for younger fans and idle players alike, threatening to hypnotize viewers with incredible feats of basketball handling; a special needs school competed, proving that the beautiful game of basketball can be played and loved by all; The American School in London’s booster club provided food and drink,
ensuring that the teeming crowds of spectators were energized to offer support for their team. And, showcasing the ever-growing passion for the sport in London, over 29 teams and 200 individual players took part over the two days of the boys’ and girls’ tournaments.


Here are the contests’ winners:


U16 Champions: Quintin Kynaston

U16 Runners Up: Paddington Academy

U16 MVP: Parvas Chowdhury (Quintin Kynaston)

U14 Champions: St. George’s

U14 Runners Up: Pimlico Academy

U14 MVP: Tyler Small (St. George’s)

‘William Wates’ Spirit Award: Marylebone Bridge School

‘London Youth’ Standout Coach: Jon Johnson (King Solomon Academy)


U16 Champions: Quintin Kynaston

U16 Runners Up: The American School in London

U16 MVP: Ikram Farrah (Quintin Kynaston)

U14 Champions: The American School in London

U14 Runners Up: Grey Coat Hospital

U14 MVP: Lindsay Harris (The American School in London)

‘William Wates’ Spirit Award: Referees Jennifer, Michelle, Abi and Vadim

‘London Youth’ Standout Coach: Jerome Jack (Quintin Kynaston)

We are especially grateful for all the volunteers and officials that made these special two days come to life!

Additionally, a big thanks to Angela Emmanuel of The Westminster Sports Unit, London Youth, the William Wates Foundation, and our very own Tony Lazare.

If you want to see more photos from the tournaments, check out our Facebook page albums.

Written by Michael Somerby




This December, Christmas comes early; on the second and third of the month, the American School in London will be co-hosting the Westminster School League’s annual mid-season tournament, where qualifying teams will clash their way to the top in hopes of earning a spot in this year’s Battle of the Borough Tournament. The LBA, in collaboration with The Westminster Sports Unit’s Development Officer, Angela Emanuel, is honored to be involved with the event’s organisation, as it is a great step for London basketball.

Additionally, fans will not only take pleasure in the activities on court, watching sons, daughters, or friends zealously compete their way to the finals, but also those off it. There will be a myriad of food vendors, from popcorn to hotdogs, along with refreshments, making the viewing experience as enjoyable as possible. Undoubtedly, these will be two nights neither the LBA’s competitors nor their fans easily forget.



(please note LBA are trailing this out through out the season and looking for the best viable options to do this. Please do feedback and apologies for any technical issues)

The rules for the tournament are simple, following FIBA’s rules with the only exceptions being:

  1. All players need to have completed the LBA League/Tournament registration form in order to take part.
  2. Games are 10 minutes long
  3. Time Outs: 1 per team for 30 seconds
  4. There will be a running clock
  5. 3 points for a win 0 for a loss
  6. In the absence of a 3 point-line, any basket counts as a 2-pointer
  7. Each team has a designated area while not playing, and teams are expected to manage it
  8. The tournament facility has limited areas of use, so please adhere to this wish
  9. If game remains tied after normal time then, sudden death from free throw line will determine the game
  10. Round robin within your pool and then the 2 teams with the best records advance to finals to play for championship.


Engraved trophies will be awarded on the basis of:

  • Tournament champions
  • The ‘William Wates’ Spirit Award (One winner per day)
  • The ‘LBA’ MVP Award (2 awards daily, 1 per age group)
  • The ‘London Youth’ Standout Coach Award (One winner per day)


To see who’s involved in the league and how teams are doing, check out the results page here.

A big thanks to all the sponsors that made this event happen:


Westminster Mid-Season Tournament, 13/11/15