Westminster School Leagues 2016/17 | ROUND UP


This seasons Westminster School Leagues meant that 65 games took place, which included 13 Schools and a whopping 36 teams, meaning around 500 young people participated in regular competitive basketball games during the course of the season (October – April)!

Everyone involved should be super proud of themselves. In particular we should be proud of the following:

  1. Feedback from last season told us that we should allow teams to configure their own fixtures within certain parameters, which we did. This was a success with over a third more games being played!
  2. Basketball is now the best-organised school sport in the City of Westminster.
  3. The girls were the most captivated we have ever witnessed. All the parents, family and friends would have been proud to see it!
  4. Little to no complaints about the professional officials. This includes the process of arranging them (especially as Westminster covered the cost!)


This season format was new with 3 rounds to get through, designed to keep excitement and competitiveness throughout the season. Round 1 was round robin, allowing everyone within their pool to play each other once. Round 2 were the playoffs, where the top 4 teams from each age group advance. Round 3 were the exhibition games, meaning any team could play anyone even if they were not in the same pool, meaning that any great matchups could be played again, or teams that just wanted more games could do so.




  1. The image above displays the winners from this season.
  2. Click here to see table standings,  schedule and results from games from this season.
  3. LBA holiday activities gave 500 league players access at a discounted rate of just £1 a day. It was great to see so many make use of it. We are beginning to see this trend in Westminster and it is becoming a dominant force, producing multiple talented basketball players who end up using the sport to gain scholarships around the world and play professionally. These sessions are also pivotal in networking and making connections which ensures bright futures.
  4. ASL Grade 8 boys & JV Girls done extremely well, as they advanced deep into the ‘School Games’ competition, where they represented their borough, taking on the best from other boroughs.
  5. Mid-Season Tournaments were amazing! Shout out to the Lord Mayor of Westminster Steve Summers for attending!! Click here for more details.




  • Funding: The LBA is still looking for a consistent resource of sponsorships and finance that can help us grow into the best and most effective organisation that we can be.
  • A new initiative put forth by the LBA next season will offer courses that train referees, table officials and coaches. This will not only provide for a more organised game for the players but will create more jobs where people can give back to the community while also being compensated for their work.
  • Teams must report their scores to the LBA no later than 24 hours after the game ends otherwise we will then have to label it as a 20-0 forfeit to the host team.



  1. Most of you would not have known it, but in November 2016 just after the start of the season, a new league commissioner was appointed at LBA and Luke Gilbert stepped in and directed his energy to ensure we not only maintained the current set-up but improve on it. We would like to acknowledge his accomplishments as LBA league commissioner this season! He got through more games than ever before, with over 100 games this season. His communication was on point and he tackled any issues that arose promptly. He handled the officials, ensuring that they have the right expectations, but also doing them justice. He ensured the schedule was adhered to and planned out the new format for the playoff. He even secured the Copperbox arena for the end of season tournament!
  2. Westminster Sports UnitLondon Youth are the league’s main sponsor and their commitment cannot be understated. Their organisations that help many diverse groups within their communities and they truly understand the impact we are making through this project. You can see last years impact results now, and please do check out this season in the LBA annual report due in August 2017.
  3. A big thank you to the students who became a part of the LBA Media Crew – check out more on this amazing project now.

We would also like to thank all of our other supporters: South Kilburn Trust, Sported and all the Coaches and Teachers committed to the program, as well as the players themselves.

The LBA wants to thank everybody who made this past season possible. We hope you can help us continue to be a pillar in our community and to help build and improve them through sport and fitness.


  1. Photos throughout the season 
  2. Playoff photos