Wembley Stadium Supports LBA

Wembley Stadium Supports LBA

We are very proud to announce LBA received a grant by Wembley National Stadium Trust (WNST)! The main goal of our company is to expand our reach into Brent and provide quality basketball provisions.

The WSNT grant ceremony held at Wembley Stadium during the second week of April and was attended by 35 local organisations, showing just what variety of activities there are for local people to enjoy. The grant was delivered by the Chairman of WSNT Toby Harris and Cll Parvez Ahmed, the Major of Brent (In the picture here, photos by Sandra Rowse) to two young LBA interns, Tom Sheehy (20) and Jakob Rosenberg (20), in the pictures below, who accepted the grant drinking and eating some food with the WNST staff, seizing the opportunity to deepen their knowledge about LBA’s word.

Currently, the WNST has developed a programme specifically to fund projects benefiting people living in Brent and is looking to fund both local sports clubs as well as larger or more general community organisations providing sports activities or facilities. LBA, as charity, really wants to help WSNT to expand their activities as widely as possible. The grant received will be used by LBA to provide sport opportunities in the borough of Brent and we are proud to do this and thus make a positive social impact in the community. Of course, our relationship with this charity remains very strong. 


Written by Alessandro Giolli  (LBA young intern)