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Aviva to sponsor the next London College Basketball League Season


Building off the success from the last season 2014/2015, we are planning for 2015 /2016. Although one could have hoped it would be a breeze in obtaining funding for such a great project with it’s huge social impact, as it attributing to saving society well over £1 million via measuring it against 7 prolific areas in society such as obesity & school attendance/behaviour to name a couple. Plus engaging an age group (16-19) which has the biggest drop out when it comes to playing sport. However there are many great projects in our society and the public is voting for what they want.

This can only mean one thing the basketball community need to come together and vote for this project! Every person has up to 10 votes so please make use of them all, by following this link. 


There is a detailed breakdown of the project and its particulars via the link above, but here is some info:

Our project is split into two individual parts, our “College League” and our ‘Real Experience’ programme.

Our college league will include a pre and post-league tournament that will take place on a single day, before and after the actual league and will last five hours each day (dates to be determined). The pre-league tournament will engage 10 teams, each team consisting of 15 players, meaning a total of 150 unique individuals playing on the day. The post league tournament will also include 10 teams and an additional 4 teams, meaning a total of 210 individuals playing. The actual league will be approximately 45 matches and will take place at the home teams school court. LBA will provide all referees, marketing, management and hosts.

Our ‘Real Experience’ project provides the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications and volunteering with us to learn key skills that aid in transitioning to a professional environment. We will run one course for table officiating and one for refereeing which last 2 days and will engage 20 individuals each. We will run both courses in October at City of Westminster College. We will run two Basketball Aviator courses for 15 individuals that will teach them how to successfully run basketball events and activities. We will also run two Basketball Statistician courses, which will engage a maximum of 15 individuals. Lastly, we will run specialised courses in marketing and journalism, which will engage a total of 4 individuals.

Footage and Articles from previous season