Trip to Nike European HQ to visit the Jordan Brand

For our first business trip outside the UK, the LBA staff were fortunate enough to visit the Jordan Headquarters in Amsterdam from 11th to 12th May. The team flew from London to Eindhoven Airport and started the day off meeting up with Judith and Roual who are our Dutch contacts. They showed us around Amsterdam and connected us to a local basketball club who wanted to collaborate with the LBA. We then met up with Martina at the meet up spot who guided us to the European HQ. We passed many buildings on campus that Martina explained were named after Nike/Jordan athletes. We stopped to get tea and snacks by one of the food trucks that are there everyday. We took pictures of the skate park that is on campus and walked through the premises.
After a competitive game of 1 on 1 between Tony Lazare and AJ Roberts on the Jordan court, we continued the tour going to the employee store, and watching design interns hard at work creating new bags, shirts, socks, etc. After that, we went over to the track and field where Martina explained that’s where most of the team games are hosted.
Finally, we went into the Jordan office, met a few key people and had a great conversation with Martina about the different things we wish to do. She told us what she is working on at the moment and we talked about issues the basketball communities are facing (not only in London). And finally, we gave her and some team members LBA gear, and we were given some Jordan gear as well.
All in all the Jordan trip was an amazing and insightful experience!