Written by – Theo Jarrett (16), LBA young volunteer

At Moberly Sports centre on the 23rd of June there was an all day girls Westminster Sports Festival which consisted of the sports, basketball, football, hockey and tennis. This day was a day for girls really to be introduced to new sports by local club who are all so inspiring. This event was very successful as all of the girls who took part had fun and have showed signs of improvements and have lots of potential. 


Elysia Barrick is the person responsible for organising this event. For each sport there were keen coaches that was brought in to teach they’re sport to the girls in a time gap of 30 minutes, the day lasted about 3 hours and the girls were tired from hard work toward the end.  All girls did take part and all had fun, the schools that attending was QK Academy (the only Secondary), Queens Park Primary, Hallfields Primary and Milbank Primary. At the end of the girls great day ,there were some awards to be given out to individuals who stood out during the day, these individuals received some bags and everyone who took part received a shirt. Also at the end the girls and the coaches were lucky enough to hear a very inspiring speech from Hockey Olympian Richard Smith which was a real treat for everyone. To finally sum up the day all the school and all the coaches took one big group picture which is shown above and if you were wondering, I am located at the back with a grey polo shirt on, I have curly hair and brown skin.



Personal Experience of this event

This was a very interesting experience for me as it allowed me to see lots of views from the kids perspective. I already have a level 1 in coaching through training at Green Shaw High School (Not my school) in the summer in 2013. I am used to working with slightly older kids with more experience, that’s why I think this became slightly challenging for me, but not too much of a big issue as I used my initiative to train the young girls. I did have fun teaching these girls the basics of basketball as I feel they taught me a couple things about coaching as well.