The LBA is in the top 100 crowdfunding list!

In a remarkable display of community engagement, the London Basketball Association’s crowdfunding campaign “Creating a New Generation of Basketball Officials” has been recognized as a top 100 project by Crowdfunder in the past year. This initiative raised an astounding £55,506 from 112 supporters. Additionally, it secured £25,575 from the Aviva Community Fund.

The LBA’s mission of using “Basketball as the game for social change” has truly materialized through this campaign. Firstly, the total funds raised from the two projects are £83,600 with support from 167 individuals. Secondly, the organization is enabling a new generation to become certified basketball referees, officials, and coaches in London.

According to the CEO, “This achievement transcends numbers; it’s about profound social impact. Moreover, over half of participants represent ethnic minorities, reflecting our mission’s core of inclusivity and diversity. Basketball is more than just a game; it’s a movement, as evidenced by its status as England’s second most popular team sport. However, our success hinges on acknowledging the shortage of basketball professionals – referees, officials & coaches (ROC). They are unsung heroes, the lifeline enabling us to expand our reach and impact. We owe them gratitude.”

This remarkable feat exemplifies the power of collaboration and the belief that sports like basketball can drive positive social change in London. Furthermore, the LBA breaks down barriers by providing access to those who may have missed opportunities. Consequently, it fosters an inclusive, thriving basketball community.

As the journey continues, the LBA invites the community to join its mission of empowering aspiring basketball enthusiasts. Ultimately, the goal is to create a lasting impact through coaching, officiating, and refereeing programs for individuals and the London city.