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Qualify your students & staff as Sports Officials | Special Offer

LBA now qualifying your staff & students to become basketball officials.

Our objective is to take a progressive step to get closer to schools and organizations with the purpose of growing the basketball culture in our city. These courses will be for organizations such as schools and clubs and we will bring the course to you, thus enabling us to adapt to your dates and venues. With this special offer, we also include an LBA membership which has various benefits such as 16 online courses that are all nationally recognized certifications such as First Aid, Online Safety and Child Protection.

Here are six key facts:

  1. All courses are nationally recognized qualifications.
  2. There is a shortage of basketball officials in our society, yet a high demand for them.
  3. LBA connect everyone to an online platform to gain access to paid and voluntary opportunities(See Below).
  4. This online platform also allows schools to join as Event Organisers and post opportunities on the platform.
  5. Qualified students, get involved and support your own leagues and competitions.
  6. A great stepping stone for young people to enter employment.



Qualification Normal Cost Special Offer Duration Number Of Participants
Referee £1,200 £900 4 Hours 20
Table Official £600 £400 2 Hours 15





LBA would like to introduce you to – A brand new online platform which makes working as a basketball official easier and more convenient than ever!!!  All candidates can sign up to this platform to gain access to paid and voluntary opportunities once completing a Get Qualified course!!!  
(*Please note it’s in Beta this season)



Organisation Memberships

An LBA membership for any organization, including sports clubs, charitable organizations and sports academies.


  • FREE Access to 16 on-line nationally recognised qualifications
  • Early access and up to 100% (minimum 25%) discount on training courses
  • Hire coaches at the membership rate
  • Access granted to an online platform thus allowing organisations to be super efficient & relevant. Click here for more details or contact LBA
  • 38% discount on DBS applications
  • Support: Organisations with independent projects can be factored into our funding grants and information about exclusive funding opportunities for your organization
  • Marketing: Ability to advertise on LBA platforms with digital images (over 200,000) hits per month

Referees & Official's Memberships


  • Free access to 16 on-line nationally recognised qualifications
  • Early access and up to 100% discount (minimum 25%) on our training courses
  • Free and easy access to officials job board where you can apply for paid and volunteer officiating opportunities
  • Priority access to training to become a tutor
  • 37.5% discount on DBS applications



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