Social Scrimmages | We’re Changing the Game!


Disconnect & Solution

The popularity of basketball in London has been ascending for years, and fans are currently itching for more exposure to the sport. The fun that basketball provides is also a gateway to superior fitness for all players, but there is a large obstacle in the way of playing. Many fans are struggling to find where to play in their community, even though the demand has been consistent. This problem is significant from ages 16 and upwards (after leaving school) and we at the London Basketball Association (LBA) are crafting an infrastructure that addresses this disconnect, via our initiative to unit scrimmages across the capital (also known as ‘pickup’). We promote these weekly sessions by using rich content which unites the people that want to play. We have launched a new tool, allowing you to search for sessions near you! by incorporating this technology you can now see a list of sessions near you with rich content about each session. Also, our monthly newsletter provides general updates on the current status of LBA affiliated activities, and our social media pages are constantly refreshed with new, fun updates. With the abundance of basketball already happening across the capital, the future possibilities are endless for both the basketball community and the LBA.

LBA Making a Difference

The London Basketball Association recently received Project Oracle validation, which means we have a solid template that is proven & trusted! We consider it a huge honor to be recognized in such regard. The LBA prides ourselves in our commitment to both the sport of basketball and that of health and fitness education, and we are striving and succeeding to be recognized. We are now looking to expand our outputs in the communities of London by arranging social scrimmages at set locations, which happen year round are will be affordable and accessible to all. If you want to learn more about it, visit our webpage at https://thelba.co.uk/defining-success/.

Our organization provides a non-committal structure for the games, where games do not hinge on one person’s availability. We here at the LBA strive to provide a sense of stability in regards to the organization of the games. Anyone is able to show up at any time, pay an affordable price, and take part in a structured game. 

Project Impact

There is proven evidence that we are having a direct impact on eight different intended outcomes as set out on Project Oracle’s Theory of Change. The project aims to result in:

  • Increased understanding of the rules of Basketball 
  • Increased health awareness
  • Increased sporting skills
  • Increased work experience
  • Improved physical health and reduced tension and stress
  • Increased positive interactions with other people
  • Improved emotional control, self-efficacy and social competencies
  • Improved emotional control and resilience
  • Improved self-efficacy
  • Improved social competences


Potential Sponsorship

Marketing these games allows young people and adults to stay active through the game of basketball. We here at the LBA are confident that we can achieve these goals and provide the necessary resources for a cheap yet organized game of basketball. Unfortunately, we do not have the current funding to complete these objectives. With your help, whether directly or indirectly, we can help others discover courts and improve the average fitness amongst both young people and adults.