LBA Skills Clinic – NORTH LONDON BALLING in OCT Half Term!

We struggle to believe in how much happened in the recent period of COVID-19 uncertainty! The challenges our charity faced over this time have pushed us to adjust to the new reality in the most effective way possible.
Before it was too late, we have organised something special!
This October half term period, LBA came up with the initiative of the very first LBA Basketball Skills Clinic organised in St. Augustine’s Sports Centre!
With all North London ballers craving for a bit of proper basketball workout we have done everything in our power to quench their sporting thirst!
From the 26th to 29th of October 53 young players from North London had an opportunity to finally work on their skills, socialise and simply do what they love in the safest environment possible, St. Augustine’s Sports Centre carefully prepared to meet all pandemic guidelines!
We couldn’t find better coaches to run these sessions! Under an experienced eye of the well known coach James Markham from London Westside Basketball Club and our coaching prodigy, assistant coach Adam Amazrhar the boys between 11 and 18 years old were working on their footwork, finishing, transition, shooting, pick & roll and decision making skills.
This complex workout programme was met with an immediate interest, with the spots booked out as soon as they were available!
The boys absolutely loved it and our coaches could not believe their eyes when they saw how much joy just simply being on the court brought to our participants.
As important as enhancing basketball skills was, more importantly the social aspect of the game brought even bigger smiles to their faces. It was refreshing to see! In the time of constant negativity the boys had a chance to not only forget about their worries but also embrace one another, embrace the game and show how much they care about the game of basketball.
We’d love to thank coach James Markham & coach Adam Amazrhar for the care and passion put in every minute of these sessions and the players themselves who made this Skills Clinic an unforgettable experience not only for them, but also for us and the community!
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We’d like to thank those who helped us make all of the planned half term events a reality!
Thanks to you we gave 150 young people an opportunity to play the game they love, gain the memories they’ll never forget, develop their skills, create new friendships and finally take a break from the sad reality of the pandemic!
We loved it, they loved it, we all loved it.
The basketball community will never forget!!!

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