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The LBA’s goal is to give London’s youth every opportunity to improve their game. Tony Windless, known as one of the greatest athletes to ever play in the British Basketball league (BBL), and a friend of our organization, has agreed to provide just that. Starting in January, Thursday sessions will take place each week (for 12 weeks) in St. Augustine’s Sports Hall. This Amazing opportunity will help young aspiring athletes acquire the skills needed to reach their fullest potential.

The LBA is looking for committed young people that strive to make improvements on their game. We hope to receive ballers of all skill levels, ranging from ages 11-18 years old. These sessions are a valuable experience for athletes looking to work on their technique. From drills to real-time play, participants can customize their experience to fit their needs.


Skill Development

  • Dribbling- right and left hands, crossover and speciality techniques
  • Passing- push pass, chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass
  • Shooting- lay-up, jump shot, free throw and three-point shot
  • Rebounding- boxing out and ball awareness
  • Defense- Communication, formations and balance
  • Plus a whole lot more- from building confidence, improving time management & fitness to name a few!!


Thursday night sessions will create a perfect environment to enable this growth. By the time the 12 weeks are through, we expect to see each player have the confidence to play at their desired level.

At the end of the day, this will be a fun and productive time for self-improvement. We urge participants to bring a ball, if they have one, and a positive attitude for each session. These sessions have been made affordable to all parties concerned and easily accessible.

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Written by:  Ben Eisenstadt (LBA  intern)