1. Format Rules Season 2015 / 2016

1. All games will be played under normal FIBA rules, unless otherwise stated

1.1 Games are to be 10 min quarters (stopping clock) unless otherwise agreed by both teams because of time constraints

1.2 Winning team will be awarded 3 points, losing team will be awarded 0 points

1.3 For the league standings if teams are level on points, then the average of points scored per game will be the decider

1.4 When Team colours clash home team colours prevail

1.5 No player can play without submitting player consent form (see also point 2.7)

1.6 All players must be registered members of the team for whom they are playing with.

1.7 Scores must be sent over same day of the event. There are two ways to do this- email or inbox ‘London Basketball Association’ via FaceBook with the following information- teams scores & game reference.

1.8 There is to be at least one table official and one professional referee at each game. Home teams to provide officials.

2. League Administrations and Fixtures

2.1 The Schedule will be set within the 3 stages. Each stage has a time frame to be completed. Team managers have to communicate with one another to confirm fixtures, which once set the league must be informed. From here it will be posted on the London Basketball Association website ( Any alterations must be sent to the league.

2.2 Failure to arrive or cancelling the fixture without 7 days notice given to the opposition and league commissioners will result in a 20-0 victory for the non-offending side. Unless both parties agree to reschedule the game with consent of the league commissioners. “The League” will take up any disputed decisions and the decision will be final.

2.3 All results must be sent to or inbox ‘London Basketball Association’ FaceBook the same day of the game. Coaches can include a match report, pictures videos as well, which will also be posted on the website.

2.4 All players are to complete the ‘Journey of Change’ questionnaires near the start and towards the end of the season.

2.6 All promotion and publicity relating to the League must include the Full Title; #LBAHighSchool17 or #LBAschool17  and our hashtag of the season is #londonballin & #BeTheTeam

2.7 All players must be registered with ‘the league’ and can do this by completing a consent form. coaches/manager must register by 15th October 2016 high school league. Additional players can be registered at any stage of the season.

2.8 To register additional players an email must be sent to stating this and the player must complete the player consent form.

2.9 Teams must have at least one qualified referee for all leagues, as well as one qualified table official exempting the Women’s College League. The league will endeavour to provide an Official Course, at least once a season, which each team will have a priority for places.

2.10 The teams are to provide ‘Table Officials’ for all their games.

2.11 Any fee’s are to be paid with 30 days.

2.12 Each team must provide a team picture that will appear on the Team’s page on the website. Additionally all team coaches and registered team players will need to give their permission for game and team photos to be used for league promotions. We follow guidelines for the use of Photographic and Recorded images for people under the age of 18.

3. League Structure

3.1 This is determined by League commissioners and is dependent on the number of teams in the league.

3.2 Failure to comply with league rules could lead to points deduction and other reprimands for the offending team(s)

3.3 All organisations involved are to be covered by their own insurance, LBA affiliates/sponsors are not liable for accidents and injuries.

3.4 By entering the league you hereby agree to these terms and conditions.

4. League Reprimands

4 Reprimands can occur when game does not go ahead and the offending team hasn’t informed The League within the minimal time frame (4 days) and fines of up to £25 per game may be issued. If it happens a second time a penalty of point deductions may be may. If a third time your league membership will be reviewed and possibly revoked. Regarding any tournaments, once confirming your place, a minimum of two weeks notice prior to the actual events dates must be given otherwise full entry fee is to be paid.

4.1 Reprimand can occur when for a second offence of “no show”

4.2 Reprimand of possible expulsion from the league can occur for a third offence of “no show”

4.3 Reprimand can occur when a team arrives to the venue before the booking starts (do not arrive to early). Recommended arrival time is 45 minutes before tip-off.

4.4 Reprimand can occur when a team make any late payment.

4.5 Reprimand can occur when selected candidate(s) for official’s course does not show.

4.6 Reprimand can occur when grief is given to official. This is inline with our initiative to raise the profile of officials.

4.7 Teams are responsible for their supporters/fans. Any issues will be handled case by case.

5. Rules relating to Exhibition Games only:

5.1 LBA need ample time to arrange match teams up. The current approximation is 1 month.

5.2 LBA endeavor to make it to at least 1 in 3 games to take pics video interviews and post content online, bringing you game experience to everyone!

5.3 LBA can invoice you but you can also make payment on the exhibition games page.