Return to Play

The highly anticipated return of play is here and we hope it lasts forever. As the government begins to stagger the expansion of reopenings, the London Basketball Association has been working hard behind-the-scenes to ensure the return of play is safe and successful as they pledge five key factors, outlined below, to transition into playing basketball again in the capital.
There is still a lot of uncertainty, however, as other countries like France and Germany are preparing to tighten up on restrictions to prevent a wave three nationwide lockdown.
This leaves us wondering, will the UK ease of restrictions tighten up again over the spring and summer? This uncertainty has also led to a number of other factors that will affect the return to play.
Some participants may be migrating to new hobbies and may not come back to basketball. Also, the basketball workforce such as coaches & referees might have had to find other means of income and may not be able to continue to do what they love…
This makes it crucial for organisations like the London Basketball Association to have a plan to identify these individuals in order to support their return to play. It’s been over a year now where the nation has not been able to play the sport of basketball consistently with no leagues operating, apart from elite level basketball which is not accessible to the communities who benefit from it the most due to its professional level.
This has dramatically impacted our communities and individuals who use basketball as a tool in improving their life on many levels.

LBA Pledge

  1. Collaborate with basketball clubs across the capital and any organisations that will be having basketball provisions.
  2. Market and promote any sessions across London so they become accessible to all.
  3. Fund activities, making sessions viable for the organisations and affordable for the participants.
  4. Raise funding to help cover the costs for hosting events.
  5. Build Basketball Workforce – throughout the pandemic, LBA has been certifying table officials, referees, and media crew members for sports events via online digital courses. We will continue to offer these certifications.

Thank You's



LBA Staff

It’s a collective effort between all of the eight employees and 25 volunteers however we would like to highlight two people in particular:

  • Maciej “Magic” Kubacki – Marketing Director. He has been making sure all relevant information is collated, then simplified, and then projected into the public domain so our sessions are reaching our target groups in the best ways.
  • Sarah McDermott – Managing Director. Project managing, relationship building, coordinating all the logistics. She has been paying attention to all the details and everybody’s needs to ensure we return to play with the least amount of friction.

The Wider Community

We connect and network with the community in order to be super relevant and resourceful and collectively we are stronger.
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