Refereeing Courses

Refereeing is a great way to get involved in a different aspect of the game, keep active and earn money. Not to mention that you get to watch the game from the best place….on the court



Referee Level 1


Level 1 is an introduction to basketball and is aimed at the pure beginner. The goal of the course is to encourage the basketball enthusiast to get onto a basketball court and ‘blow a whistle’. The 4-hour course gives an insight into the basic mechanics of refereeing and the violations and fouls that need to be administered. A Level 1 referee is qualified to officiate at school matches, youth local leagues and at recreational level. There are no entry requirements for the Level 1


The course consists of 2 sessions:


– Unit 1 deals with officiating rules and technique

– Unit 2 concentrates on the mechanics of officiating.


Minimum age requirement of 13.



Referee Level 2


The Level 2 course is aimed at the beginner, however experience as a player or attending a Level 1 course is an advantage. The 17-hour course provides candidates with knowledge of the full rules of basketball and practical experience in refereeing games. A Level 2 referee is qualified to officiate at junior national league, local league and up to Division 4 Men and Division 2 Women senior national league level.


The course consists of 4 sessions:


– Unit 1 deals with officiating introduction and playing regulations

– Unit 2 entails violations and fouls

– Unit 3 includes general provisions

– Unit 4 finalizes with mechanics and examinations.


Minimum age requirement of 16