Recap: Atlanta Trip 2022

The London Basketball Association did their first ever residential trip abroad to the USA which took place from Friday, 1st – Wednesday, 20th July 2022. This was the first year that the LBA participated in an AAU and College program in Atlanta, Georgia. It was epic and our hope is that this becomes a yearly tradition.

Facts & Figures

  • 80 hours of training in 2 weeks
  • 16 games (8 girls and 8 boys games) over 2 weekends
  • 20 hours of team building events
  • 12 hours motivational talks
The London Basketball Association planned on taking a selected group of 24 young people, ages 15-19. This would have consisted of 12 boys and 12 girls. Although we were unable to get 24 young people, the trip still went ahead with a group of 13 including staff. The players got to participate in the All Hearts Athletics Stay and Play camp which was based at Carver College. The camp was two weeks long and started on July 4th.
The players got to take part in team building such as climbing Stone Mountain, which was a great fitness activity. Alongside other social activities like skating and watching a WNBA game.

Every morning, there were 5:30 am training sessions with the coaches and college players at Carver and also, an evening training session. The players learnt new basketball skills training, basketball team practice which helped them prepare for AAU basketball games each weekend. Players also got to learn and get an idea as to how it would be if they became a student Athlete in the USA. They played, trained, ate, and socialised with current college students and staff who gave them great insight as to the hard work and struggles that may arise.

This trip taught them the importance of education and instilled life skills in each of the players. This great opportunity saw 7 players be offered scholarships in high school, prep school and college.
The players benefited from this trip in many ways. From earning a scholarship, learning crucial life skills, meeting experienced coaches and trainers, developing new friendships, building confidence through travel and sport, and learning and opening their eyes to the basketball culture in America.
Most of these players never had the opportunity to explore other countries, so this experience helped them to mature as individuals, as well as basketball players.

The trip could not have been possible without the support of LBA staff, volunteers and Interns. We would also like to say a special thank you to Crowdfunder, Caius House, Carlton Tavern, Sportas, MetrixLab and every individual who donated. This trip would not have been possible without you all.

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If you want to find out more details about the trip check out our Atlanta Trip page.