Rebranding the LBA: What, How, and Why

In early 2019, the London Basketball Association met with several of the sport’s most prominent brands in order to help expand our outreach and impact within London and the UK. The LBA believes that Basketball can and should become a major sport within the UK, and that we can use our success to put Basketball on par with Rugby, Cricket, and even Football.
Each brand recognised the overwhelmingly positive impact that the LBA has within London both from a sporting perspective and as an organisation devoted to community change. All three brands noted the potential for further growth using our established reputation and the great detail and quality of everything we do.
Following our discussions with each of the brands, the LBA felt that it had become necessary to overhaul our own brand in order to sharpen our image as one of the leading sports charities in the country. In order to achieve it, we were required to redevelop our mission in order to make it crystal clear to the public, as well as potential funding sources and by doing so we highlighted the impactful story of the LBA.
This would be the first time the LBA had gone through a rebranding process. Over the course of six months, we worked with branding specialists to maximise our limited resources and create a successful rebrand. It took a lot of perseverance, team-work and a few mistakes, but we’ve created something we’re truly excited to share.
The rebrand has resulted in the following changes to the LBA:
  1. An updated, two-part mission statement, which we are incredibly proud of and better summarises the LBA’s objectives:
    “As an organisation, our mission is to inspire londoners to develop a habit of getting involved with the conglomerate of basketball and benefit from it on many different levels”
    “To achieve this we work to enhance the infrastructure of basketball making the sport easily accessible to the masses.”
Our Mission, found in Slide 7 of our Brand presentation. © LBA
  1. Making our 10 year plan available to view; which includes launching new programs in conjunction with some of our already existing programs. There are some very exciting initiatives we are developing such as esports events and utilising new technologies to help grow the sport. This can be accessed via our website.
Future Programmes & Initiatives, found in Slide 33 of our Rebrand presentation.© LBA
  1. Making crucial information about the LBA available to the public, including: a Trustee Annual Report; Balance Sheets; Charity Agenda. All three of these resources provide greater insight into our goals, purpose and mission, as well as our financial information. Each of these documents can be found in Our Impact page.
Having this information available now places the LBA in the top 15% of charities in the UK, setting us apart as an outstanding pillar of community and sport.
We could have transformed the LBA into a whole new organisation. Instead, we simply refined what we already had to better communicate the impact the LBA has in the community. This has made it generally easier for people to find information regarding the LBA in order to understand who we are, what we have achieved and where we’re headed as an organisation.
Having said this, we did use the rebrand as an opportunity to sharpen our logo, meaning we now have a bright design that mirrors our goals. This was aided by the community itself, who voted on the new logo, making it representative of them as well as us.
By implementing those changes, we’re now able to not only meet the high demand for our programmes, but we also hope it will allow us to engage with new members and engage in more areas of London. With these changes, we believe that the LBA is now more of a viable option for brands to sponsor and support and increases our chances of receiving crucial funding so that we can continue to be successful.
Sarah McDermott, LBA’s Managing Director, says: “Our strength is built on determination to promote our distinguished value and mission. From being organised we have been able to bring millions to the sport. Therefore, this is a positive move that puts us in the same realm as other top charities across the nation. By doing sensational work on the ground only allows us to grow and expand. We have a great reputation which is due to us trying to do the hard things well.”
With this rebrand and given that Basketball is still the second largest team sport in the United Kingdom in terms of participation, we hope that we can continue to support growth and development of the sport whilst helping thousands of people and communities.