Nike & Jordan linked with LBA


It’s astonishing to see the impact basketball has on both individuals and communities, from the rich to the poor, and this breaking news embodies all of that. We are very pleased to announce a collaboration between the LBA and the Black Prince Trust (BPT) who own the facilities that house the ‘The Regal’ & ‘Jordan’ Basketball courts in the heart of Lambeth. We have agreed to support all basketball there and lead on 2 particular aspects, one being holiday activities and the other making this facility a hub for courses to become qualified in coaching, refereeing, table officiating, plus 13 courses surrounding ‘child protection and duty of care’ (first aid etc).

These basketball courts are unique in that they were built solely for basketball, so yes, it has no other lines on it!! We have come together to make these courts utilised and effective again, because for some time now the courts have been neglected and underused. With this said we plan to run the best basketball camp that London has to offer for every school holiday. These camps will include top coaches such as Gary Maitland, Tony Windless and James Markham! The aim is to have sessions for 8-12 year olds which will be focused on player development in the morning and afternoons, and then have the older age group come to scrimmage directly after! The First Camp will be piloted in the May Half Term. Keep an eye out for details via the LBA social media.


We aim to host the Lambeth primary school tournaments here and it would be great to have the secondary school leagues play weekly games here throughout the season. This could easily get over 500 young people familiar with their local facilities and engaged in physical activity and educational opportunities. BPT is also partnering up with ‘Who’s Got Game‘ (WGG) to deliver other activities to make great use of the facilities. WGG is a basketball organisation that partners with other groups, schools, coaches, and basketball enthusiasts to raise awareness for the sport and create or enhance basketball programs across London. The potential outcomes through these projects is enormous!

All in all, it’s a delight to have the people behind BPT (Jason & Kirk) who are passionate and committed to rekindling the fire in their facilities, to use them as they should be used, and it’s an honour for us at the LBA to be involved.


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  2. Coca-Cola Street Games