Through our integrated platform, we have created opportunities for all those associated with the amazing game of basketball.
All memberships gain these benefits:
Memberships are valid for the basketball season which starts on September and ends on August the following year.


Individuals who play basketball and make this all happen will have access to discounted scrimmages and events, while improving their skills and making London the new face of basketball.

Additional benefits include:



£ 59 per basketball season

The seasonal LBA membership designed for coaches and all types of officials, including referees, and table officials. Current or aspiring officials will finally have an easy to use guide for finding games and personal development.

Additional benefits include:

  • FREE and EASY access to an officials job board where you can apply for paid and volunteer officiating opportunities
  • Priority access to becoming a tutor



£ 59 per basketball season. SPECIAL OFFER! Sign up to AllOfficials to get this membership for FREE! Contact [email protected] for the discount code once registered.

The seasonal LBA membership designed for all types of organisations, including sports clubs, charity organisations and sports academies. Organisations will gain LBA as a partner who can enable growth and support event planning for their business.

Additional benefits include:

  • Hire coaches at a discounted rate
  • Access to Active Network, an online platform which allows organisations to become efficient & relevant. Read more.
  • SUPPORT. The LBA can support your organisation’s independent projects by providing information about exclusive funding opportunities, as well as cooperating with organisations in order to receive funding grants.
  • MARKETING. The LBA can advertise your products or services on our platforms.


Once registered as an organisation, each member must also register as an individual. After the organisation registration, each member will be sent an email with a coupon code for free access to the individual membership.


  • £ 150 per basketball season – Tier 1 (up to 5 people on the 19 development courses)
  • £ 235 per basketball season  – Tier 2 (up to 10 people on the 19 development courses)
  • £445 per basketball season – Tier 3 (up to 15 people on the 19 development courses)