London Youth Silver Quality Mark

WoW, what an achievement! Over the past 8 months LBA have been working towards gaining the Silver Club Mark and we can officially say we did it!

London Youth‘ have been around for over 100 years, with over 400 members like LBA and engage with 75,000 young people each year (that’s a mouth full!). Anyhow, Silver is not easy  to attain, as you can image young people have vast needs when going through adulthood, especially when considering the diveristy withing an innercity like London’s. With it’s super rich to the most poverty stricken wards in the entire UK. With this said young people are the future and we all need to chip in. Here at LBA we play our part as Silver proves we engage with young people and have demonstrated the following:

  1. Young people have the opportunity to have some responsibility within our organisation
  2. Young people are encouraged to take an active part in the running of the organisation
  3. Our organisation informs and educates young people about the risks they face, such as personal safety, substance misuse and bullying  by using a wide range of resources
  4. Young people learn respect for others and develop an understanding that others have the right to hold different views to themselves
  5. Our organisation actively  uses images of underrepresented groups in its publicity
  6. LBA encourage volunteering within your organisation, especially among young people. This could be through another organisation whose focus is volunteering or youth volunteering
  7. To name a few… Yikes!!!

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Info on the Quality Mark

The London Youth Quality Mark recognises voluntary-led organisations which help transform the lives of young people throughout London.  In addition to the award The LBA will also receive £5000 funding provided by City Bridge Trust.
In achieving London Youth Quality Mark Silver Award. The LBA will receive the following benefits:

  • Significant discounts at London Youth’s outdoor centres
  • Access to London Youth’s range of high-quality, innovative programmes in sport, employability, leadership and other areas
  • Participation in London Youth’s panels and forum
  • Additional London Youth training and development opportunities for staff and young people
  • A statement from City & Guilds & London Youth which can be used for attaining funding.

The LBA would like thank London Youth for presenting us with this acclaimed award.  We would also like to recognise our staff & volunteers, without their efforts winning this award couldn’t be possible.


Screenshot (50)

(Jack & Troy- Young Volunteers who helped achieve this award)