SE London Ballout @ The Thunderdome! – London Thunder Camp

The main South East London event that took place in the October Half term period was the basketball camp organised by one of the biggest youth basketball clubs in the capital – London Thunder owned by the legend of British Basketball, the first English player in NBA history – Steve Bucknall.
LBA supported the camp in every way we could, from pre-camp promotion to coming down to Lewisham to attend the event and capturing great footage!
Over 4 days of the Half Term week, 40 boys & girls between 8 and 16 years old had a chance to join the amazing coach Clive Sinclair and develop their basketball skills and knowledge of the game.
With the highest standards of COVID-19 safety provided (hand sanitisers, temperature checks & visitors like us wearing masks at all times when anywhere around the participants) the pupils could simply enjoy playing the game they love with no worries at all!
It was truly inspiring for us to be a part of such an impactful event. The culture of London Thunder was the key part in the success of the camp, young players felt like a part of a big basketball family!
We had no doubts if the camp is going to be a success, but the positive impact those 4 days had on the youth was truly unbelievable! Working together, learning how to be a team player, respecting and supporting each other… it truly is life changing, especially when learnt at the youngest age!
All of the older players were teaching and helping the youngins grow both on and off the court. The best example of how great Thunder culture is was the fact that the assistant coach was the club’s very own player from the U18 team!
We cannot wait to come back to the iconic Thunderdome to support the club once again!
Click the button below to see more photos from the day 1 of the camp!
We’d like to thank those who helped us make all of the planned half term events a reality!
Thanks to you we gave 150 young people an opportunity to play the game they love, gain the memories they’ll never forget, develop their skills, create new friendships and finally take a break from the sad reality of the pandemic!
We loved it, they loved it, we all loved it.
The basketball community will never forget!!!

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