Summer 2023 Accreditation Program: Transforming Enthusiasts into Basketball Officials!

Looking to coach in the next big leagues or dazzle the court with your refereeing skills? Look no further than the London Basketball Association’s (LBA) summer accreditation program. This sizzling opportunity aims to qualify 50 individuals as Referees, Table Officials, and Coaches (ROC), offering a pathway to basketball stardom. With scholarships available for those in need, the LBA ensures that talent knows no financial barriers. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your whistle, and get ready for an exciting journey with the LBA!
Here are a few more key points to help elevate your journey:
  1. Find paid jobs between £17.50 to £50 for a 2-hour event
  2. Some courses come with DBS certificate, and Duty of Care courses such as first aid and child protection courses. These help individuals jump straight into work!
  3. LBA Scholarship is available now!
  4. LBA placements beyond the course.
  5. For 14 years and older only
Here is a list of courses over the summer programme:
  • Level 1 Referee
  • Level 1 Table Official
  • Level 1 Coach
  • Level 2 Coach
For more information or to sign up now click on the button below.