London Basketball Association’s Impactful Easter Holidays: Empowering Youth Through Sports


It wasn’t just a metaphorical “eventful week” – we truly packed in activity after activity, all centered around our mission to empower the youth through the sport we love.

Inspiring Skills with NBA Coach

It all started with an incredible day camp led by NBA G League Coach James Clark. Having worked with superstars like Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, Coach Clark’s expertise was on full display as he guided over 25 eager kids through skill-building drills and gameplay. Seeing the joy and determination on their faces as they learned from a pro was truly inspiring. And by collaborating with organisations like Way2Work and The Hoopers Voice, we were able to amplify the impact and reach even further.

Next up were the Easter Scrimmages, continuing from our previous week’s Ball & Eat camp, which not only got 30+ kids running up and down the court, but also allowed us to provide free meals — ensuring these young athletes were fueled and ready to play.

Bringing the Community Together for 3x3 Tournament

The real highlight had to be the 3×3 Tournament, where we teamed up with London Youth to host an event that drew over 100 boys and girls. Boys were competing in under-15 and under-19 categories and under-14 and under-16 for girls. The LBA went all in — deploying 8 of our fantastic referees to support the tournament and providing vital marketing to engage the community. But the LBA’s commitment to the community didn’t stop there.

Fueling Young Athletes and Upskilling Referees

Our weekly Thursday scrimmage at St. Augustine’s Sports Center saw over 25 kids take the court, with 4 of them receiving training to become certified referees under the guidance of a professional Referee and provide them with specialised training, empowering them to officiate games and earn while they learn.

To cap off the week, Coach Clark returned for two more sessions, imparting his basketball knowledge and teaching key skills to eager participants. In just five days, the LBA managed to connect with over 170 kids, offering them opportunities to learn, grow, and explore pathways to become coaches, officials, and more.

Planting Seeds for the Future

But the true impact goes far beyond the numbers. We’re planting seeds that will grow into the next generation of ballers, coaches, and sports leaders – all while fostering a sense of community, accomplishment, and pride.

Get Involved and Give Back

If you’re inspired by our work, I encourage you to reach out and learn more about our free ROC courses, where you can earn up to £20 per hour while giving back to the community. Together, we can continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of young people through the power of basketball.