London Basketball Association Qualifies for CEF’s “Quality Mark”

We are very proud and honoured to announce that we have achieved the Charity Excellence Framework’s Quality Mark. This significant mark denotes our ability to deliver on investments while also providing chances for those in need through the great sport of basketball. The Charity Excellence Framework is an organisation that evaluates charities based on their ability to truly deliver on their promises and make an impact based on qualifications of realism, sustainability, leadership, and organisational track record. Being granted a Quality Mark requires an organisation undergo an evaluation and if deemed to make a positive sustainable impact.
This demonstrates that not only does the LBA have an ability to constructively influence the community now, but also there is a lot of promise and excitement that we hold for the future of the sport of basketball in London. We are happy with the progress that we have seen with our leagues and programs, which saw us impact over 575 participants. We are also proud of the accomplishment we have seen from the coach and official development programs, having helped over 470 different individuals become qualified, mentored and connected them to voluntary and paid opportunities.
Across 40 different schools, our programs saw a 40% increase in the active initiative of our participants and a 39% increase in motivation in all members.
Despite the current pandemic, we are constantly looking to the future and developing new tactics to help those around us. We have reinvented our services with our new digital offer, LBA decided to help the community with 23 online certification courses, three of these are basketball specific, one is about becoming a media crew member at a sports event and the rest are focused on “duty of care” and include courses such as First Aid, Child Protection and Online Safety to name a few. Another adjustment to the current situation was taking our summer holiday sessions online, now the community can connect with our professional coaches and interact with them live via Zoom!
Moreover, we now host online NBA 2K Tournaments that are held each month.
nba-2k-tournament promotion
Going digital with our programmes, as well as tapping into the esports industry enabled us to be considered one of the most forward-thinking charities in London. In this era, being able to self-manage is of the utmost importance, and our out-reach programmes have helped participants see a 32% increase in their time management abilities. When the world is throwing everyone for a loop, and pessimism feels more natural than hope, it is good to know that there are still people out there who are working to provide opportunities for those who need them most.
More information on the CEF can be found at their website.