LBA x LYG – Together in Basketball!

LBA is all for good education and high teaching standards.
As an organisation which connects education with the sport by qualifying the community in the field of basketball certifications, we’re proud to announce our collaboration with London Youth Games (a part of School Games) – an annual multi-sport event held in London which offers competitive opportunities for young people aged 7 to 18 (who live or go to school in London) across approximately 30 sports every year.
The initial dialogue between LBA and London Youth Games took place around the end of February 2020. With similar goals and correlating visions of sport in the capital, both us and LYG explored the possibility of working together to maximise the positive impact we can make in society.
Due to pandemic, we had to first postpone and then rethink our plan regarding this collaboration. We had to adjust quickly as the traditional way of playing basketball is not safe anymore.
Regardless of the situation, we didn’t give up on this opportunity!
We have picked up the conversations with LYG around September and sealed the collaboration deal for the 2020/2021 basketball season virtually!
This meant a series of interactive online basketball challenges for schools & individuals instead of traditional physical basketball events. This is when the idea of a LYG x LBA Basketball Challenge Competition came to live.
Thanks to this initiative we are gaining access to all of the primary and secondary schools across London in order to invite them to take part in the challenge and use this opportunity to build long term relationships with as many as possible!
Even though we knew how much of a game-changer London Youth Games is as a sports organisation in London, we had to learn even more about them in order to align our objectives together and achieve as much good as possible.
Led by our Project Manager Sarah McDermott we went through the videos created for the rugby & athletics challenges for the period between September and December 2020 in order to learn what’s the recipe for a perfect basketball challenge competition.
We have made everything in our power to deliver an exciting challenge which would provide young people with an opportunity to compete against other schools & individuals, all in a safe environment. 15 challenges, 10 for secondary (2 rounds) and 5 for primary school, everything explained and demonstrated on videos uploaded on YouTube.
Check the videos below!
We’ve connected with 3 LBA coaches from London, Josephine Maignomo – CEO of Jump 4 Health Foundation & former Brixton Topcats center, Leon Cameron – LBA Coach & Wandsworth basketball legend, as well as our own Tony Lazare, CEO of the LBA to make sure the challenges are explained in the best way possible!
With great help from young basketball adepts of the LBA they take you through each of the challenges step by step.
To make our Basketball Challenges even more interesting we’ve made sure to provide the participants with a chance to win some of the hottest prizes out there!
Among others, we’ve partnered up with Nike, one of the most iconic brands among London’s youth in order to provide our participants with a chance to win their amazing products by taking part in a giveaway! We’ve received more than 200 pieces which we’ll give away to the luckiest participants of the LBA Basketball Challenge 2021 which is now set to launch in late March!
Sounds cool? There’s more!
We have prepared 70 work experience & volunteering opportunities for the year 2021 available for all students from the UK and abroad! Young people are able to pick from a variety of different areas they’d specialise in – from refereeing & help with basketball events to more office-based such as marketing, IT, HR and many more!
Moreover, AllOfficials, our exclusive partner, joined us with 5 online basketball certification courses for free to all of the schools in London!
Signups are now open!
This amazing free qualification opportunity will be available to all of the schools all the way through 2021 in order to equip both students and staff with employment & sustainable income opportunities!
Within the first 48 hours, we have received over 40 signups from schools across the capital!
What is the most important thing for us is to keep the youth engaged with the sport they love. By teaming up with LYG we will be able to reach thousands of young Londoners and achieve as much good as possible in the result!
This brings positivity to the start of 2021!