LBA x London Youth 3×3 Basketball Tournament

The London Basketball Association and London Youth combined with its sponsors hosted a 3×3 basketball tournament bringing together youth clubs and kids from all over London.
With representatives from almost every borough in London, the 3×3 basketball tournament on the 17th of February demonstrated the power of basketball as a unifying sport in our communities.
With 4 separate tournaments and over 20 teams, 100 young people aged 10 to 19 packed out the St Augustine’s Sports Centre to put up what was an exhilarating 4-hour tournament.
The tournaments consisted of games between U-15 boys, U-15, girls, U-19 boys and U-19 girls all competing for prizes and trophies thanks to the Jack Petchey Foundation.
The event’s mission was to continue to develop a key goal of the LBA to help the disadvantaged youth by providing them with positive experiences and a safe space to educate and improve their employability, health and wellness.
The event also provided some of our qualified coaches and referees with access to more paid opportunities within the basketball world.
Illustrating how the LBA’s ROC programme builds on the passion for basketball that many of our attendees have by providing employability skills.
Our fantastic referees were able to come down to the event due to the AllOfficials website, a site that enables referees to have a portal to access paid jobs and events.
Those in need of a referee for their basketball event can use the portal by simply heading to the site, filling in their criteria and budget which then sees them matched to officials.
Along with referees, the ROC course also brings through the next generation of basketball coaches and the event saw some of our newly qualified coaches come down also.
Ella, a 15-year-old schoolgirl from London, spoke to the LBA and revealed her excitement about getting started officially as a coach and referee as she went into detail about some of the skills she learnt while undergoing her ROC course.
“They [London Basketball Association] have been so accommodating through this whole process, our basketball coach told us about how the LBA are providing us with the chance to potentially get employed in the sport we love playing,” Ella said.
“There are so many things you can do in basketball asides from playing and this course is helping me do this.”
Tony, founder of the LBA, Lukas, project assistant manager at the LBA, and Carl, from London Youth, reflected on today’s camp, the intense competition on the court and the unique stories and individuals we came across
“We wanted to connect with youth clubs and today we have,” Tony said.
“We have the proof of concept, the demand is there and there need is there, it’s about how we do this consistently [on young kids playing competitive basketball].
© Lauren Namoi Butcher
While on the ROC programme Tony added: “There is a shortage of these professionals [Referees, table officials, and coaches], the programme enables them to get experience, get qualified and come to events where they can get paid work.”
While Carl added: “We’re upscaling these young people, we’re talking about employability and giving them a chance to put their new skills into practice.”
© Lauren Namoi Butcher
Marian, from the Dost Centre for Young Refugees and Migrants, came to the event with two teams from her youth club, she put on her record her admiration for the LBA and the London Youth for organising this event.
“Basketball has become a popular sport amongst our members, we used to have one hoop in the corner where people would play but it’s grown massively since then,” Marian told the LBA.
“It’s great for the fitness, confidence, and mental health and it’s nice to come to something like this, a tournament where they get to compete and interact with people they otherwise wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for an event like this.”
The values of basketball and the skills it requires brought out the best in many youngsters at this event.
Respect and effort were the values urged upon everyone and it translated to not only the court but also in the way the kids approached our referees and volunteers.
This event highlighted what the LBA can do with its partners as with the infrastructure, design and plan available, the LBA continues to do a significant body of work but is far from reaching its potential with a lot more to do.
This event highlighted what the LBA can do with its partners as with the infrastructure, design and plan available, the LBA continues to do a significant body of work but is far from reaching its potential with a lot more to do.
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