LBA Spring Scrimmages

Please Note: It is recommended to sign up before turning to the session as this will allow you to spend more time playing!

We are excited to be announcing the kick-off of our Spring Scrimmages! One of the biggest problems for young basketball players is maintaining and improving their skills in the offseason!

Sign up now for the scrimmages to make sure that you are getting better for next season!

Remember, when you are not doing the work to get better, someone else is. Don’t fall behind! Come out and compete against the best competition in London. We will also be having top of the line coaches at the scrimmages, like Tony Windless, and LBA CEO Tony Lazare! These coaches will pass on their experience and expertise as you play, helping you get better every game!


From April 19th to July 19th Every Thursday from 6-8 pm! St Augustine’s Sports Centre First hour for Under 18’s Second hour for Over 18’s £50 For all sessions With an LBA Membership, it’s Free!

Players who are under 18 are also free to stay and play in the over 18 games! Become an LBA member for only £40, and admission to the scrimmages is free! Click HERE to sign up (or the link at the bottom of the page) and ensure that you are bettering yourself this offseason! LBA media teams will be present, taking photos and video which will be published to our website! Check out the video below to see footage from last years’ scrimmages.  We look forward to seeing you there!

  Big thanks you to the affiliation that make this possible: London Youth, South Kilburn Trust, Everyone Active & St. Augustines High School