The LBA’s attributes to Society saving £2.5 million

How The LBA Got Involved

In early 2013 “London Youth” appointed the LBA in the direction of an organization called ‘Sported‘. Sported helps organizations like the LBA because we use the power of basketball to help bring social change throughout different communities around London. Sported provides the LBA with resources and support so that we are able to do what we do best- improve the lives of disadvantaged youth through the power of  sport. Through social change, the LBA is also able to offer a variety of different benefits such as health, fitness, and education.

Once partnering with Sported, the company released a new platform called ‘SportWorks‘. As described on their website, SportWorks is “the first ever shared measurement system specifically designed for sport for development organizations who deliver projects, fund programs and make policy decisions”. In other terms, SportWorks is a national frame work which transfers data collected from its users and turns it into valuable evidence, all of which can be used to produce feasible statistics for the LBA to aid in future growth and development for our two prong approach: Schools and Social Structure.

Projections vs Facts

The table below  shows both measured saving and projected savings of the LBA in retrospect to the data we collected from our participants. What you can see is that three of the topics shown on the graph (Obesity, Well-Being, and Substance Misuse) we were able to beat our projected result. This platform predicts what the LBA should be achieving based on our results from our participants.

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Early Days

During the early days of the project, the LBA wanted to gain a simple understanding of the data collection process, so at all of our projects we had our participants complete an evaluation which we would review following a 12 month interval. A year later, our data collecting department found staggering figures which concluded that the LBA had attributed towards saving UK society a total of £2.5 million, all of which was with a budget of £30k. By measuring the demographics of our participants (nothing that can be linked to any single individual) with a focus on: postal codes, age, gender, and answers from a series of 8 questions that could be correlated with other official statistics such as: NHS obesity statistics and crime rates a occurring at a specific age within a particular borough or area of London.

Our results led us to have a number of meetings to discuss our data collection. One meeting in particular included our Sported manager, Hamid Vaghefian, who was nothing but impressed with how we have been utilizing the platform.

Through our partnership with both Hamid and Sported, the LBA has been able to receive more guidance, as well as advice in regards to helping us attain future funding and sponsorship- which here at the LBA we are happy to hear!

Our Involvement

The LBA runs projects all across London consisting of physical activity, coaching, and developmental courses. All of these activities help encourage our participants, but should also encourage the community to not only be apart of the basketball movement, but also get involved with our cause. We have opportunities such as refereeing, project managing, photography, and journalism for any one who is interested in joining our team.

Get Connected

Get connected with the LBA through a variety of different options:

  • Volunteering & Internships
  • Holiday Camps
  • Tournaments
  • Leagues
  • Courses


Why is this Important?

Overtime, we see SportWorks becoming extremely important to the LBA. We recognize that the tool helps us see which projects of ours are more successful and why, as well as see how our eight topics of measurements (listed across the top of our graph) help us identify if we meet our core objectives or not. Plus, our graph is tangible evidence of the humanitarian work that the LBA helps carry out. Our whole team helps make a difference, and we are forever grateful to have them all on our bench.

Thank You!

Our coaches and ground team play pivotal roles in ensuring this information is recorded and analysed correctly and efficently, something which would be impossible without our players and participants who we must also give recognition to. So a big thank you from the LBA team to you all for making this possible. We are still at the beginning of a long road ahead and we are looking forward to see where this will take us in the coming future.


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