LBA May 2014 Scrimmage Update

A place where no training takes place only competitive games… and people love it! They come from all over London showcasing their talents and gaining much needed game experience, which is a pivotal part in a players career.
Anybody can come down and make a team of five or you can bring your own team down and work on your tactics, strategies and team chemistry.
Every scrimmage has two hosts who ensure safe environments and professionally organised events
We have plans to run these throughout the year in various venues across the capital. At this point we only run Scrimmages during holiday times, however we are seeking funding for sponsors or donations. Please contact us if interested.
Currently we have a male session and a female only session. Both open to every race & religion plus partially disabled the predominant age range is between 15 – 45. All skill ability welcome, whether your a novice, intermediate level or expert.
This project has the outcomes of tackling postcode wars, enhancing the sports culture, a platform to develop official’s, exposing other positive opportunities including volunteering and qualifications.
If you want to check out our sessions, check it out below.