2015 Summer Holidays is going to be a positive one, as LBA will be taking on 7 young volunteers, by engaging them in a wide range of role such as:

  • Coaching Kids
  • Refereeing at our holiday activities
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Photography
  • + more

The young volunteers will inducted and thrown into the deep end, where they will be nurtured by LBA Ambassadors helping them to get familiar with roles and expectations. ‘THE CHALLENGE’ is the UK’s leading integration agency and in 2015 have worked with over 30,000 young people and they aim to build trust between different groups in society. This works really well with LBA initiatives to empower young people lives life through volunteering, which empowers individuals, by enhancing confidence, resilience, employ-ability to name a few. To give a full picture LBA are able to measure all of this and demonstration our actually impact on individuals, plus cutting social cost in society. For example in our last 2 years we attributed to saving society over £7,000,000.


LBA recently granted the SiLver Award by ‘London Youth’ as our commitment to staying relevant makes us a very popular choice in the Capital to both work & play, plus it works both way they young people coming in are making an impact in the organisation by achieving some incredible work. Here are a few examples:

  1. Achieving the ‘Silver’ London Youth Award
  2. Establishing our most popular holidays program, which see around 200 youth take part each week during holiday season.
  3. Help the company transition over to charitable status.
  4. Finding suppliers
  5. + more

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