LBA GO GOLD , we all knew it was not going to be easy but nothing worth it is… right! There were a number of key factors in this achievement and here you will get a glimpse of what it took.
The hard work which included a lot of support and collaborations from other organisation (leisure centers, schools for example), running projects and collecting evidence. This took a lot of man power and via LBA’s ‘Volunteer & Develop’ scheme it was all manageable with interns locally (London) and internationally (Italy, USA and Germany)  as they got stuck into the criteria once they were briefed and of course they had the leadership of LBA’s director Tony Lazare who has the vision and founded LBA back in 2012.

Speaking of the criteria there were a ton of things which LBA did not did not even consider to have in place, which makes this journey that much more important, because it really expanded to organisation allowing a better understanding of what should be considered, what direction the company should go into in order to provide high quality structure and services to it’s members.

London Basketball Association recommend this quality mark to all sports clubs, colleges, schools, basketball clubs as all coaches are youth workers were they know it or not. Plus this quality mark really allow you to build strong foundations and they give you great incentives to achieve this Mark such as £7,000 if you get the gold, £5000 if you just achieved a silver. Click Here to find out more and how to become London Youth quality marked.
Here are 2 statements from the people who create the criteria and enforce  the Quality Marks:

Billy Dove MBE JP, Chairman of the City Bridge Trust, said:

“Thousands of people work across hundreds of clubs and centres helping to provide the best quality experiences and opportunities for London’s young people. The City Bridge Trust wanted to recognise and reward the value of their efforts and to help the clubs financially to enable them to keep up the excellent work they are doing. It is vital that we keep investing in our young people as they are our future.”

The City Bridge Trust awards will be open for three years, from October 2013.

The London Youth Quality Mark is accredited by City & Guilds and is part of the national Ambition Quality framework for youth organisations (for more information see www.ambition.org.uk).

Rosie Ferguson, Chief Executive of London Youth, said:

“Quality youth work changes young people’s lives. Youth clubs don’t need to be big or rich to make a difference, but they do need to invest in quality to make the most of the time and money they have available.

“That’s why these new awards from the City Bridge Trust are so important. It means more clubs can afford to spend the time developing the quality of their services – and so will be able to do more to help young people overcome disadvantage and benefit from the opportunities open to them.”