LBA Exhibitions

LBA Exhibitions

Basketball never stops. The offseason doesn’t actually exist. Each new day is another opportunity to play, to get better. Fresh off of their Premier League Championship, the American School in London travelled to Haggerston for an exhibition. ASL faced a very motivated Haggerston, who looked to make a statement on Wednesday night. They sent a loud message to the rest of the College League with a 51-47 victory over the Pool A Champions.

With the win, Haggerston essentially clinched a spot in Pool A. They already dominated Pool B, winning by an average of 28 points per game, and this latest victory is just reaffirms that they belong in the Premier League. Haggerston has a chance to win Pool B on Friday, March 18th with their matchup against Quintin Kynaston. That game will be available to Livestream.

After playing most of their games on their home floor with the support of their fans, ASL gained valuable experience from playing in a different environment. They’ll be sure to learn from this defeat and be ready for next season’s matchup against Haggerston, when it really matters. That’s the beauty of exhibition games: they benefit both teams involved.

Later in the month, City of Islington will also face off against St. Dominic’s in another inter-pool scrimmage and Quintin Kynaston will travel to the City of Westminster College. City of Westminster finished 3rd in Pool A, finishing 2-2. Quintin Kynaston also finished in the middle of the pack of Pool B.

Interleague exhibitions are a great opportunity for teams to face new opponents. The pools they’re representing become irrelevant after tip-off. The 2015-2016 season is over, and these teams have a great opportunity to prove they belong in the Premier League.