LBA College Tournament- end of season

Update 5/5/15

Tournament Climax

“What a day, it has to be done again and more often!”. This was the feedback from the player coaches, official’s and the sponsors:

  • “It was exciting”
  • “Very well organised”
  • “Lots of game time for all 7 teams that showed up on the day”
  • “The food was delicious”
  • “Referees were the best”
  • “The Thunder Dome venue was awesome”
  • “There was a real sense of sportsmanship throughout the day as everyone seem to appreciated the effort to make the day happen”

The day started pretty smoothly with a format of 2 pools with 4 teams in each, playing round robin style (each teams plays everyone in their pool). However one team pulled out the day before so pool B had 3 teams and the game time was extended from 12 minute halves to 20. This worked out very well as everyone got the same amount of game time.




| Official’s Assigned |

Referee’s: Ian, Courtney & Dom

Table Official’s: Mubashir, Chyna & Robert

Game | Time Team v Team Score Official’s
1) 10:15 City of Westminster College v Lewisham College 32-33 Refs- Dom & IanT.O- Robert & Mubashir
3) 11:25 Lewisham College v Lambeth College 22-40 Refs- Cortney & DomT.O- Chyna & Robert
5) 12:15-13:05 Lambeth College v City of Westminster College 34-38 OverTime Refs- Dom & IanT.O- Robert & Mubashir

First game of the day could have been a final, with the favourites City of Westminster College v Lewisham College. This game was neck & neck in the last 5 minutes after the League champion made a comeback to bring it back from a 9 point game to a 1 point game, but Lewisham College managed to hold firm and won the game 33-32.


Round robin stage had a number of close games and competitive games, one which saw Lambeth College losing out in overtime after an unexpected performance which gave them a lot of respect because during the season they never won a game but were easily one of the top teams in the tournament, plus #11 A. Sima being a top 4 player, being nominated by his peers as “Most Valuable Player” (MVP) of the tournament. Well done to the Lambeth players and Head Coach Amadu Kalleh.


Moving on to the Pool A


| Official’s Assigned |

Referee’s: Hanna, Ben & Abby

Table Official’s: Gent, Andrew & Maggie

Game | Time Team v Team Score Official’s
1) 10:15 Havering Sixth Form College v St. Augustine High School 24-16 Refs- Hanna & AbbyT.O- Gent & Andrew
2) 10:50 QK Academy v Stanmore College 30-13 Refs- Ben & HannaT.O- Maggie & Gent
3) 11:25 Stanmore College v Havering Sixth Form College 22-23 Refs- Abby & BenT.O- Andrew & Maggie
4) 12:00 QK Academy v St. Augustine High School 16-15 Refs- Hanna & AbiT.O- Gent & Andrew
5) 12:35 Havering Sixth Form College v QK Academy 13-14 Refs- Ben & HannaT.O- Maggie & Gent
6) 13:10-13:45 Stanmore College v St. Augustine High School 12-16 Refs- Abi & BenT.O- Andrew & Maggie


The table speaks for itself, apart from Stanmore who got off to a slow start, understandably as it’s their first time they have entered a basketball league and their first tournament, so we’re looking forward to watching them progress over the next few years, as we see a lot of potential in that program and the have a very organised Team Manager Carl Hiskey and Head Coach who stepped in mid season which was a sign of commitment from the players.


 IMG_5937An important fixture was between QK & St. Augustine’s who have years of history between them as they’re based half a mile from each other in the City of Westminster. St. Augustine’s had won earlier in the season but today saw them missing a key figure, Coach Agron Haliti who has being doing phenomenal work with his innovated coaching style. The league MVP #4 Mehdi Moussaiff played outstandingly and credit to QK’s Melos and Mo who were able to get their team a big win which would end up advancing them to the finals.


Havering Sixth Form College like Lewisham College were not involved in the League so were somewhat outcasts and had something to prove. They did! With a full squad and a quality coach they made it to the third place finals. Well done and we look forward to having you both involved in the league next season.


The Finals & Awards


First place between Lewisham v QK Academy & third place final between City of Westminster College v Havering Sixth Form College. Everyone stuck around to watch, network, chill and eat some food. It was a great environment to be apart of. Havering lost to CWC final score of 63-28 & QK finished in second place after losing to Lewisham who were crowed winners of the tournament.

  • Jack Petchey Tournament MVP – Jamal Sanchez #13 for City of Westminster College. Gift- trophy & Adidas basketball Shoes.
  • LBA Tournament Winners – Lewisham College Lead by Head Coach Steve Bucknall. Gift- Trophy

The LBA College League award for Season 2014 2015:

  • LBA Coach of the Year – Lindon Wallace (all the coaches voted and it was open to a public vote). Gift- £50 spa treatment voucher & trophy.
  • London Youth Sprit Award- #17 Adomas Zemgul. Gift- Nike compression combat kit.
  • London Youth League MVP- #4 Mehdi Moussaif. Gift- Trophy & 1 year membership to any GLL gym.
  • LBA League Champions- City of Westminster College. Gift- Trophy & Article on them.



London Youth & Jack Petchey Foundation sponsored the event and helped out on the day, working alongside the LBA team to ensure a great day for the young people in London. American Stuffed rocked the house with there food menu which kept everyone happy. The official’s were “off the hook,” as they took delivery with pride, the volunteers from LBA were magnificent and a everyone walked away tired yet fulfilled.


 Created 02/02/15

London Basketball Association is proud to announce that the inaugural LBA College Tournament will be held at the Lewisham ‘Thunder Dome’ home of Steve Bucknall’s London Thunder BC on April 29th 10:00 – 15:00.  The ‘Thunder Dome’ is the perfect venue for such a prestigious event.  It is the South East’s premier basketball facility boasting 2 full sized courts, changing rooms, seating and refreshment area. 

“Following on from the success of our Monday evening recreation league collaboration, we would like to thank ‘London Thunder’ for hosting this event. Furthermore I will personally make sure both parties provide an unforgettable experience for players, workers and supporters”  Tony Lazare LBA Director

The tournament consists of current 9 LBA College League Teams, with up to 5 guest places for additional Greater London 6th form and college teams. The top 2 teams from this seasons College League will receive a bye to the tournaments latter stages, with remaining 7 teams battling additional guest competition in a round-robin format.

Guest Team Registration Information:

The stage is set, venue secured!  Who will be the college kings of London and lift the inaugural LBA College Tournament Trophy? All will be revealed April 29th

Coming this November

LBA College League 2015/16

More Teams, More Divisions, More Basketball!