LBA attributed in saving UK Society £8.3 million


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In a 2014 post, the LBA disclosed that the organisation, by that point, was attributed in saving UK 12195091_727008984099849_796125135438307860_osociety a staggering £2.5 million through their efforts (and with an initial budget of just £30k). One might wonder how this is possible; according to SportsWorks, a statistical analysis software employed by the LBA, by encouraging their young participants to engage in basketball programs, the LBA not only managed to keep their players’ free time occupied, reducing crime, gang involvement, and substance misuse, but also succeeded in keeping them physically active, combatting obesity. Additionally, the LBA noted improvements in the categories of “Educational Performance”, “Well Being”, “NEET” (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) levels, and “School Attendance/Behavior”, suggesting that the services provided by the LBA lead to generally well-rounded individuals. In essence, the figure £2.5 million represents the amount that would have been needed if these social improvements had not materialized through the LBA’s efforts.

By 2015, £2.5 million in one year has increased to nearly £8.5 million, underscoring the importance of the LBA and similar Community Interest Companies (CIC). However, not only has the LBA’s monetary contribution grown, but also their public presence. In the month of October 2015 alone, the LBA’s social media outlets received over 100,000 hits, and the LBA website had nearly 17,000 pageviews. As the LBA’s communal clout grows, particularly when considering their most-rapidly growing services, e.g. the now 500 players in an extra-curricular school program, their status as a certified charity becomes increasingly imminent; official approval is 
expected by the end of 2015.

To see 2014-2015’s data, complete with SportWork’s measured percentage and monetary quantities, click the thumbnail below.



Post Analysis

In 2013, we met with our Sported manager, Hamid Vaghefian. Vaghefian, a trained specialist in analyzing the metrics of SportWorks, was simply astounded by the results. Now, in 2015, the figure of 906030_726734354127312_1332277451873662332_osocietal saving has increased by nearly £6 million, thoroughly convincing Vaghefian and the LBA team that the sky is the limit. Consequently, the LBA realizes that through the guidance and support of Sported, Vaghefian, the community, and a myriad of incredible organisations, anything can be achieved in the name of the London community, a reality for which the LBA is extremely grateful.

The Bottom Line

The LBA, with the tremendous support of people and organisations, is a wildly succeeding CIC. Coupled with the remarkable results of SportWork’s analyses, the LBA is able to make educated decisions considering the future of their programs, which in turn effects the future of their participants; this, of course, is why the LBA is exists in the first place. Everyday, the LBA makes the best use of its resources to achieve their goals, and meet core objectives.


Without the excellent coaching and selfless volunteering, the LBA would not be able to increase its presence here in the London community. Everyday, they use the information that SportWorks provides to enhance their efforts in order to better the last impacts and experiences of the young 12194660_725868914213856_6895586758302662206_oparticipants. In turn, the participants zealously absorb the support, rendering them remarkable individuals, not only on the court, but off of it as well. In short, the entire LBA team helps to make a difference, for which the LBA is forever indebted.

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LBA attributed in saving UK Society £8.3 million 09/11/15