LBA to Assemble Camera Crew to Cover League Games - LBA Basketball
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LBA Assemble Camera Crew

The LBA are assembling a camera crew to help cover league games and we’re looking for enthusiastic people to be involved!


This is a fantastic opportunity to:

– Gain practical experience recording and photographing live sports as well as performing interviews
– Potentially get paid
– Improve employability
– Possibly contribute towards coursework assignments

The job will require:

– Filming and streaming games
– Photographing games
– Performing and recording interviews
– Post-production editing

Applicants must:

– Be reliable, punctual, and able to communicate effectively
– Be able to commit to attending games on a weekly basis
– Have access to a quality camera

LBA attire will be provided!

We are accepting applications from individuals and teams
If you want to be a part Contact Us Now or call on 0203 778 0075