LBA Addresses Basketball England’s Safeguarding Requirements

Recently, Basketball England announced that an ‘immediate reprioritisation of qualifications, facilitating the licensing of coaches within the organisation’, has occurred. The adjustment means that all who officiate and coach players aged 18 years or under must possess a DBS and current safeguarding certificate, in addition to existing coaching and officiating qualifications, in order to be a licensed coach or official with Basketball England. In fact, the full extent of this regulation obliges the possession of these certificates even when only one player of 18 years or under is in attendance.

With that said, we at the London Basketball Association are proud to announce that we will be actively assisting in providing this extra training in preparation for the 2017-2018 season. We are offering free access to 13 personal development courses relevant to the wellbeing of our players. This includes two specialist safeguarding qualification courses, one focused on work with children, the other with adults, alongside several others certified courses ranging from first aid to online safety.

But we don’t see why it should stop there. Coaches aren’t the only ones who should have these skills; both coaches and officials deserve this training, so that they can do their job to the best of their ability. This is why we have allocated some of our funding to open a third avenue, exclusively for registered basketball officials. From October 2017 we will be providing all UK-based certified officials with free access to the course! We’re making this move because we believe that British Basketball deserves the highest-quality officials and these courses will provide us with exactly that. So, whether you do the course with us, or with another provider, you will be granted access to our 13 PD courses once you’re qualified.

If you are in need of this training, there are two simple ways to be granted free access:

  1.       SIGN UP to an LBA qualification course, either as a table official, referee or coach.
  2.       LBA membership – either as an individual or via an organisation membership.


Of course, that doesn’t stop us from saying you should definitely sign up for ours! Just click here. Indeed, it is no secret that British Basketball is seeing a shortage of quality officials. Signing on to these short, affordable courses won’t just provide a great career in basketball, but will help us actively tackle the wider problem British Basketball faces.

With our first session in October we recommend signing on ASAP, especially if you want to keep on coaching. Basketball England has officially declared that those without safeguarding qualifications may continue their duties as long as they have registered for a course that is within the next 60 days.

Our broader 2018 schedule is due to be released towards the year end. Contact us for more information on how to join a course.

Safeguarding is the practice behind promoting individuals’ welfare, including protection from abuse and maltreatment, ensuring children grow in environments where effective care is provided, and preventing harm to one’s health. In England alone, last year, over 50,000 children were identified as needing protection from abuse. That number is on the decline, but only gradually, and we at the London Basketball Association are glad to see official action being taken to deal with a very serious problem. We encourage all coaches and officials to be equipped with the training to deal with basketball players of all ages, whether or not you work with us.

For more information on our courses, go to our Get Qualified page