Krossover Basketball Analytics

The LBA is proud to announce the implementation of Krossover Basketball Analytics in both our High School and College Basketball Leagues this season. Each team participating in our leagues will have 1-2 of their games filmed and analyzed by Krossover for free (they can have more with extra payment).

Over 5,000 programs worldwide use Krossover, including the Leicester Riders, Basketball England, Nike EYBL, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Krossover’s system breaks down each offensive and defensive play into separate, searchable clips. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of the game, including an interactive shot chart for each player, highly detailed team and individual statistics, and the ability to watch film in slow motion to analyze players mechanics. Krossover provides in-depth game breakdowns that will allow LBA teams to review their film at the same level as top tier professional teams.

Important statistics, like offensive and defensive efficiency, that were previously tedious and complicated to calculate will now be just a click away. On top of that, Krossover makes it incredibly simple to create highlight reels for individual players. Highlights are perfect for both the player who is looking to create a professional portfolio for scouts as well as for the participant who simply wants to show off his or her talents to friends and family. This is an excellent opportunity for the Greater London area, and is entirely unique to the LBA. Sign up today and see the game like never before!