Basketball Birthday Parties

We’re offering the most fun filled basketball party that your child will never forget!

Whether your child loves the sport or is new to basketball, we are offering a variety of individual and team games and competitions to make the party unforgettable.

All of our coaches have years of experience of working with the youngest. As the premier basketball organisation in the London area, you can trust that the coach you hire from us have passed their qualification course and are certified in first-aid and child protection.



Regular Party
Up to 2 hours of basketball games and drills with certified LBA coaches


£ 249 + £ 49.80 (20% VAT)


Basketball freestyler
Up to 2 hours of world-class entertainment


£ 499 + £ 99.80 VAT


  • The LBA does not provide a venue, food or drinks. We are not responsible for these services, you must provide that 
  • The LBA must receive 4 weeks minimum notice regarding party requests. This so we can confirm a coaches availbilty before the venue is booked.
  • For advice on venue hire please look for local leisure canters in your area. School hirePlay finder are also very helpful.
  • Please also be aware that you may be charged more if additional coaches are required to support larger groups

Frequently Asked Questions

For safeguarding purposes, we follow the coach-to-children ratio on the table below:

For further clarification, if your child is within the 4-8 age range and you want to invite 24 children, you would need to hire 3 coaches. This is a general rule, we can make exceptions once we know the details.

Child/Young person’s age
Number of children
Coaches needed per group
3 1
2 – 3 4 1
4 – 8 8 1
9 – 12 12 1
13 – 18 15 1

What the Parents Say

"Thank you so much. Our teacher was amazing! The kids were so excited! Thanks so much for organising so well xx We will do it again!!"