Introducing the ROC Framework: Empowering Grassroots Basketball

The ROC Framework, short for Referees, Table Officials & Coaches framework, is a comprehensive initiative developed by the London Basketball Association (LBA) and AllOfficials. It aims to support the development of grassroots basketball officials, coaches, and personnel across the country. By implementing this framework, basketball clubs and sporting organisations can provide their staff and members with the necessary resources to enhance their skills and contribute to the growth of the sport. This article outlines the key objectives, steps, and benefits of the ROC framework.
  1. Accredit 1000 new London ROCs by 2025.
  2. Enable 30% of ROCs to secure paid opportunities (£20 an hour*) within 3 months through the AllOfficials Platform.
  3. Share the framework and collaborate with National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to support nationwide implementation.
  4. Everyone that plays to grow up being a ROC!

How does the ROC Framework work?

The ROC framework provides a clear path for organisations to implement a structure allowing them to naturally support their members and the wider community to become confident and competent ROCs. To give some insights, participation in practices and scrimmages is encouraged for the practical execution of the framework, supporting the session while taking on different facets, which has benefits like becoming a smart/better player, knowing how to deal with officials, as once you do the role you have a new profound respect for them, you can support your community, get paid too! These roles are not limited to ROC roles but consider admin and social media too.

Accessing the ROC Framework

The complete ROC framework can be accessed by completing this 1-minute form. It will then be sent to you. It is essential to note that although we only deal with the sport of basketball, it’s not limited to it and can be implemented in various sports and organisations.

Getting Accredited

Discover your path to becoming a ROC through the LBA & AllOfficials Learn websites, offering a seamless experience for both individuals and organisations. For those eager to embark on their journey, individuals can directly sign up for courses tailored to their interests and aspirations.
But that’s not all – organisations have the power to take charge by running their own ROC courses! As an organisation, you can become esteemed verifiers, ensuring aspiring ROCs undergo practical sessions to complement their online learning. This hands-on approach will equip them with the confidence and competence needed to thrive in their roles.

ROC Framework Quality Mark

The ROC framework is accompanied by a quality mark badge that visually indicates its implementation. When you see this logo on any basketball program, it signifies that the organisation is actively engaged in fulfilling the duties of a ROC, including the referee, table official, coach, and other relevant roles. This commitment can extend to activities such as social media engagement.
To support this program, we encourage individuals, companies, and basketball clubs or organisations to consider the following actions:
  • Back it by sharing this article and completing this 1 min form.
  • Make a donation or become a sponsor to help achieve the objectives.
  • Sign up your basketball club or organisation for the ROC programme.
  • Share any additional ideas or suggestions that can contribute to the success of the programme and contact us if you have any questions.