Introducing LBA Adult Social Basketball

New name, same direction: From now on, London Rec Basketball, London’s leading amateur recreational basketball association, providing sessions for both adults and young people (18+), is to be known as LBA ADULT SOCIAL BASKETBALL. Around 12 months ago, London Rec Basketball founder Dan Nixon, who was in the final stages of emigrating to Spain, approached ourselves ‘The LBA’ inquiring if we would, in his absence, continue to operate his organised social Basketball programmes and further the legacy he had established.

12 months on following a period of rapid growth, which has included huge participation increase and expansion into new areas of London. We decided a rebrand was in order. The rebranding will bring the organisation in line with parent LBA branding without losing Dan Nixon’s original values and allow for further expansion into South and East London.

This project is a big deal to ‘The LBA’, spending most of the year strategizing how to make it sustainable and scalable. In 2016 you will see a lot more sessions listed on our website, as we aim to have open sessions every day of the week across the capital!

With this said we are already in collaboration with some fantastic basketball organisations to make this possible such as ‘0-10 Community’, ‘Brent Blazers’, ‘GLL’, to name a few and we have an open door policy, so if you know of a basketball session around London or if you organise one get in contact to enquire about our special offer.

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Introducing….LBA Adult Social Basketball | Oct 2015