Internships in South Kilburn

The London Basketball Association (LBA) enjoys being a part of the South Kilburn community. While currently residing in South Kilburn it is important to give back to the community. In order for the LBA to fulfill our tenancy agreement we had to achieve two objectives:

  1. Put on a project for the South Kilburn residents.
  2. Hire young people for internships.

As a growing organisation LBA now have internships available in South Kilburn. We are always looking for passionate and enthusiastic local residents to join us from the local community. Internships with LBA allow for individuals to learn a variety of different skills such as: administration, web design, graphics design, fundraising, to mention a few. An example of someone who has joined us from the community is Gent Qamili.

Gent got involved with LBA having seen an advertisement online. After initially working with us as in an Admin Officer role he got to understand the organisation and suggested that his skills would be best used with grant writing. He went on to shadow Tony Lazare and Ashley Merino, directors of the organisation, who trained him up so that he was confident and competent enough to begin working in his new role. Gent has also been attending a range of courses on fundraising to become an expert in his field. Gent has a degree in law but is not currently interested in pursuing a career in this field and is very keen to continue with the London Basketball Association, and may even end up being hired in a paid position. He is now a director of the LBA and very passionate about the organisation’s objectives and his responsibilities. Gent is a local lad, is 23 years old, and was bored, but is now doing something positive for himself and his community.

The advert for the intern positions was designed by a young volunteer. His name is Bankish Arzan who interned for 3 weeks in the summer holidays and was an expert in graphic design.

By Yemi Buraimoh