LBA International Game 2014


MACCABI USA to play LBA SELECT TEAM… Do you have what it takes?

This year the USA Maccabi high school team travel to UK and will play against the LBA select team and a London Basketball Club.


The LBA Select Team application is now open to 15 to 18 year old’s from around London. This is a great opportunity to bring two different parts of the globe together to battle it out on a basketball court for pride and reputation through the love of the sport. We welcome spectators to come down and watch this international match where you can expect nothing less than an exciting fast paced battle… One would assume any team travelling over 3000 miles to play a game better be prepared and on the other hand you have to protect your house, plus you have the home court advantage!

Anybody wanting to take part in this event and play on the day can show interest by contacting us through:

  • Facebook: London Basketball Association
  • Website: Contact us

Closing date is the 17th of June and there will be a public announcement of the team on the 22th of June.



–UPDATE June 17–


Wow,  a pleasant response from the public, for the local team we had 3 team’s respond for the game, London Pulse, City of Westminster College & London Greenhouse Pioneers. For the SELECT TEAM 21 players responded and we sure more will show up to the trials, which you can find all the details about here:



Confirmed is CITY OF WESTMINSTER COLLEGE, who will be lead by Head Coach Lindon Wallace (aka GRINDER) and Assistant Coach Tom Rough. They will play Friday the 27 June 16:00.



*Trials will be Sunday 22 June 17:00 to 19:00 at Academy Sport, Torque Street, W2 5EZ. Basketball Trials which after the Team will be selected. If you attending don’t forget to drink a LARGE amount of water 1 hour before playing, bring positive attitude and great work ethic! You’ll be with player from all over London so even if you don’t get picked you can gain from the day. We have a few principals in place to selecting the team, here are some of them- We want 2 players for each position, a hustler/grinder that will dirty work (get rebounds & dive on the floor to get the ball for example), someone that can lift the team up mentally. If your planning to attend please tell us, as there are limited places and we want to be able to plan it as well as possible.

*U18 will need guardians to sign consent form. You can email it back to info@https://thelba.co.uk or hand it in at before trials start.

*Only 1 Team Practice session at City of Westminster College, (W2 1NB) on Wednesday 16:00 to 19:00.

*Game day is Saturday 28 June. Arrive at 16:00 at 7 Princes Garden, London, SW7 1NA.

*There is a half price fee of £5 instead of £10, this is to cover the cost of the coaches and we need players to show a commitment.

*Coaches Confirmed

Head Coach James Markham from Brixton TopCats, Senior Men’s Head Coach                                                                                                             Assistant Coach Lucio Semedo from London Greenhouse Pioneers U13 Head Coach                                                                                                 Assistant Coach Ashley Merino Senior LBA Coach


–UPDATE  June 23–


Trials were phenomenal, 29 young people showed up from around London, some that play internationally, in Europe and USA plus a player that was in the Junior Olympics Team. So it really was a great day and experience for participants and people coming to watch these guys showcase their talents. We will be posting a various footage from the trials on YouTube, which you can find on our Facebook page and website. As for “the cut”, 16 players were invited to the one and only practice which is taking place on Wednesday at City of Westminster College where we will have to cut the team down again to get the final team. Congratulations to those 16 and congratulations to the guy who were not selected this time round, however there was plenty to take away, so we hope you gained from this experience.

–UPDATE 27 June–


Players from all over London came to take up this opportunity, we had all race’s, religions, heights, personalities, abilities, but One Common Goal… BASKETBALL …

If you did not get selected, it simply was not meant to be this time. Learn to deal with wins and losses as we all face them time and time again. I could go on but with out further adieu here are the players selected, with a huge congratulations to all:

1. Ahmed Alshamri PG

2. Maurice Gilbert PG

3.  Martell Chambers PG

4.  Kwame Boaitey PG /SG

5. Elios Manuelides SG

6. Rnyce Donegal SG

7. Joshua Botchway SG

8. Kayne Miller SF

9. Kevaun Mckenzie SF

10.  Josh Palmer SF

11. Ola Ayodele SF / PF /C

12.  Elmi Awil C

13.  Matthew Faucher C

Now comes your next challenge Maccabi USA as mentioned above, see you there.

–Final Up date July 4th–


Could the LBA Select Team beat Maccabi USA…

Have you ever had a movie or book you’ve been dieing to watch and when you get through it, you can actually say thats how you write a movie!… well that exactly what happened here. The build up had everyone pondering are they even going to be a good team will the coaching staff gel with each other or with the players, there were loads of different character’s coming from diverse backgrounds, so it could all go so wrong with one bad incident. However the amount of thought that went into this event there was an underlying feeling that you were in good hands and nothing could go wrong,  even when player had to be cut from the team on the day of the game… thats right and keep reading to find the full version. First up was City of Westminster College (CWC) and pre game interview with Coach Lindon Wallace who was inspired because the USA was looking well rounded loaded with a squad of 10 a physio and 2 coaches & they had ample size, plus looked athletic and disciplined. Coach Wallace knew firstly this was a great opportunity for these young Londoner’s and secondly knew it was going to be a tough game.

Game 1 Maccabi USA vs CWC

1st Quarter- It was neck &  neck as both teams sized up each other. Jamal  Simpson #7  for CWC could not be stopped as he went coast to coast scoring buckets, but he needed more production from his team mates and ended up getting tied. The second Quarter saw Maccabi take a health lead as their players settled into a rhythm. The second half got interesting when the point guards were going head to head demonstrating their skills and abilities… fancy crossovers topped off with a nice shot or pass for the score. USA moved the ball fluently and never let up and its was an outcome which was expected USA beats CWC. Saying that CWC can hold their head up high, they gave their best from start to finish and never backed down. I’m sure coach had a nice team talk and the players got insight they can learn from. Good job both team and thanks for competing!

Game 2 Maccabi USA vs LBA SELECT

To give you some context behind the USA team, trials were taken all over the USA and the top 10 players were selected to represent this hybrid Maccabi USA team (Maccabi is apart of the Jewish Community). Meaning you had a couple players from Los Angles, Miami, Chi Town, NY etc, so this team was anything but ordinary and were unbeaten going into the  LBA SELECT game. Again the Coaches James Markham & Ashley Merino knew very little about their opponents until the night before when they played CWC. Coach Markham had 3 basic principles throughout the Selection process, which were play defence from the moment you’re no longer on offence, fastbreak & communicate! With the limited time they had to prepare it sounded reasonable but was it enough…

1st Quarter both teams looked confidence but USA did not have 2 player, who were nailing 3 point shots the day before and one would say that there ora was not as vibrant as game 1. For the Select team 14 players showed up expecting to play and only 13 could play as the officials allowed 1 more than the usual 12 as it was a friendly. This left the organisers having to cut one player on the day. We brought it to a few player attention and there was only one outcome, Jamal Simpson stepped up and said “as I got this experience yesterday it would only be right that another fellow Londoner get to experience opportunity”. What a hero!

Now lets get into the game… It was end to end action from the jump ball  and the whole first half baskets were being traded, could you believe  there were even 12 lead changes. K. Mckenzie #12 captained the Select Team as he showed leadership throughout the process and he did no less during the game as he scored the first basket of the game.

3rd Quarter, Z. Kaminskys #14 lead him team to a 9 point advantage, only 16 years old but played with poise and skill of a true professional as Maccabi’s offence went through him. The LBA starters were taken out, which let the guys who haven’t played much step in, this is quite tough as your a bit cold yet you’re expected to perform, this may have been a factor for the USA taking a 9 point lead going into the 4th Q.

4th Quarter The bench player started but when the started came back in you could see the difference and one would say it was a played perfect by Coach Markham & Merino, because the Maccabi players didn’t get that rest the Selet started did and it was evident as they made a serg bringing the game within 1 point after a game changing 3 pointer by A. shamri #4.  It was a great game to witness considering the player only had one practice and some of them never even knew each other before a week ago, yet they are playing so unified, you could see they relished this opportunity, it was amazing the effort & heart and coaches plan allowed this team to rise to the challenge and beat the Macccabi USA who are worthy competitors. the final score was 58-65 LONDON!