Hollywood Movie Star, Ving Rhames brings team to London

2nd October 2014

Best known for his roles as Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction and Luther Stickell in the Mission Impossible saga, will be making a guest appearance on Saturday 8th November bringing his Californian basketball team to London to compete in the “Hardwood Battle: From Hollywood to London”, a basketball event partly organised by the London Basketball Association (LBA). Ving is a great basketball supporter and is lending his name to help raise awareness of basketball in London.

In his home state of California Ving Rhames coaches an Under 12 and uses the sport of basketball and, in particular, cross-cultural exchanges to teach his players about life and raise their confidence and aspirations.

This approach to using sport for improve young people’s lives is mirrored in the work of event organisers, the LBA, who run numerous basketball programmes across London aimed at tackling social issues such as crime, health and well-being, obesity, education and employment.

The “Hardwood Battle: From Hollywood to London” tournament will see Ving Rhames’ Dream Team International take on four local club teams, as well as a specially created LBA ‘Select Team’, comprising talented young players from the local area. Tony Lazare, Manager at the London Basketball Association, said: “This is a great opportunity for us and for kids on both side of the pond to get exposed to a cultural exchange as well as an opportunity to increase awareness of a great sport.”

Stayed tuned to this page for all the updates including the process of LBA team (trials, practice, names of the final 12 players).


Media opportunities:

If interested in interviews from, Ving Rhames, Tony Lazare and young people on the day please contact:
Tony Lazare at LBA on tony@https://thelba.co.uk or 07985 218998.

Player opportunities:

  • Register interest here to play on the “select team” or if your a club team. Please note deadline is 13 October and you need to include the following details-

*Players- Name, age, contact for guardian, post code and why you should be selected.
*Club Team- Club name, contacts of coach and why your club should have this opportunity.
*Consent form (need to be signed and returned)

  • There will be trials and practice leading up to the event, lead by ex-professional BBL star Tony Windless, Ashley Merino a senior LBA coach and Jamal George who is LBA’s nutrition specialist.
  • Please note, dates at the top, regarding practice and trials are subject to change.

 16 October 2014

Due to miscellaneous reasons this event has been postponed and looking like it will happen in Spring 2015. We will endeavor to let you know when it’s back on.