Glow in the Dark Fundraiser Returned

We have officially wrapped up our second Glow in the Dark fundraising event this past weekend at Caius House and it was even bigger and better than the first one! Over 40 participants poured into the sports hall wearing white and ready to ball!
Before the event the LBA team made everything look amazing as the court, the hoops, and even the basketballs were all lined up with glow in the dark tape which made everything stand out underneath the blue lights. People from all over London made their way into the sports hall where the energy was crazy from the start as the DJ was playing great music to get everyone pumped up! The energy wasn’t just high on the court, but also outside in the social area where there was also great music and fantastic volunteers in the kitchen who were serving drinks and making incredible food all night!
After the players warmed up, the event kicked off with its first contest of the night, which was the shootout where participants were able to show off their range and prove who was the best shooter on the court that night. It seemed like everyone wanted that title because no one could miss! Eventually it came down to the final two and with one more swish, Nicolas Flores-Pujols outlasted his opponents and was crowned the shootout champion! The energy in the sports hall got even crazier and just in time for the event of the night, the dunk contest!
It seemed like everyone in the building was waiting for the dunk contest to see some high flyers throw it down. The participants were given time to warm up and then it was showtime, and it did not disappoint. It looked like the participants wanted to jump out of the gym with the dunks they were throwing down! Everything from self alley-oops to windmills that got the judges going crazy and the spectators whipping out their phones to get it on video! The contest ended with Andrew Wilding shutting the gym down, as he jumped over and cleared three people before throwing it down! Andrew won the grand prize, but all of the participants deserved credit for putting on an insane show. This momentum was carried to the scrimmages right after where all the participants were able to compete one last time on the court. Everyone was so into the scrimmage that when it was time to be done, no one wanted to stop!
The night ended out front in the social room where people were able to have some drinks, eat food, and socialise after competing on the court. The competition didn’t end on the court however, as there were beer pong tables set up! Everyone hanging out and playing friendly games of beer pong made it the perfect end to a very fun and exciting night at the Caius House and makes us look forward to the next great LBA event!