Glow In the Dark Fundraiser May 2022

We have concluded our third Glow in the Dark event at the Caius House, and it was an amazing turn out with over 50 sign ups in advance and a turnout of more than last time! The 18+ came in ready to play and brought the heat, taking on all of the challenges we had and were ready to play basketball until the late night!

Before all the participants poured in the play, LBA staff, volunteers and interns helped set up the court. There were amazing volunteers who helped make delicious food for everyone in the kitchen. Basketballs, court lines, backboards and rims were lined with a neon orange tape. Flashing lights in the gym and hallway alongside DJ Jettson spinning on the decks while the ballers played.

After signing everyone into the Caius House, players got ready and warmed up. We got players into teams for 3×3 games to start the night. There was an incredible atmosphere at Caius House that night. All the athletes were yearning for the first challenge of the night. The next section of the night was the skills challenge which was influenced from the NBA 2019 skills challenge aimed at putting our athletes against each other to best determine who was the winner. It was an edge of your seat experience, and it came down to the final two athletes, Tien Toha and Charline Stieger. It was a fierce battle between the two athletes, but Tien Toha was eventually crowned the winner.
Then we moved on to the second challenge of the night, the 3 point contest. Even the most skilled athletes can struggle to achieve the feat of scoring from the 3 point line, but our talented athletes did not struggle. After an intense battle between our athletes, Jurgen Awotula was victorious.
The atmosphere was epic throughout! We also did a craziest dunk challenge where we found out that Raydel Lussaney has the craziest dunk ever.

The day concluded with the full-court basketball game. Our athletes were still full of energy and were eager to finally challenge each other in a full-court game. And we were not disappointed. On that day, we witnessed a game on par with a professional league game. When the dust settled, one team was finally crowned the winner.

All the proceeds of this event will be going to the young girls and boys aged fifteen to nineteen whom we are taking to Atlanta, GA in July 2022 to participate in the All-Hearts Athletics Stay and Play camp. This two-week basketball camp is all about incorporating team building, basketball training, and team practice as well as basketball games all in Atlanta, GA. This is an opportunity for some of these young people to experience a new country for the first time. There is also an opportunity to become the ultimate Student Athlete and receive basketball scholarships that will impact the rest of their lives.
Writen by Bella Samuels