Glow in the Dark Basketball Fundraiser

Last week on 19th February for the first time ever with the LBA, we hosted a Glow in the Dark Basketball fundraising event! Caius House Youth Centre were very kind to allow us to use their basketball court and UV lights to bring the courts to life. At first, we had no clue what to expect… How could we see in the dark? How can we play? And many more questions to follow. However, it turned out much better than anticipated.
This being the first time to host this kind of event, we managed to attract over 30 people, raising around £600 from the event!
The LBA team arrived early so that they could tape and decorate the courts, basketballs and basketball nets to glow up the entire basketball court! Once it reached 4pm, the first event started off with the under 18 year old event. We had 12 young hoopers who took part, they all brought their own white tshirts and the LBA team also provided everyone with special LBA white T-shirts. With Coach Leon’s help, our young players played 3v3 games and a 3-point tournament! After playing basketball, players all gathered at the relax area and had food and drinks together. We prepared multiple choices of food including rice, mac and cheese, noodles, vegan curry and fried and roasted chicken. Big thanks to all the effort Sarah (Our Marketing Manager) and her mother made for food preparation.
Following just after the U18, the 18+ session started at 8pm with nearly 20 people showing up where we organised a 5v5 scrimmage with live DJ music and different kinds of alcoholic beverages offered. After a good 2 hours of playing back to back, they all came out to the social area to end the night with a few drinks.
The LBA has devoted itself to bring a positive change to the basketball environment in London and we hope through the Glow in the dark fundraiser, we can get more basketball lovers involved and bring more creative basketball events like this in the future. Overall, this was a fantastic first time event that we organised. We didn’t know what to expect at first but when we arrived and set everything up, it was much better than anticipated. Because this event was so much fun, we have decided to host another Glow in the Dark Basketball Event later this Easter! Stay tuned for more information coming soon.