Get Paid to Play

Do you want to become a Referee, Table Official, or Coach (ROC) for FREE? Yes!
That’s what I thought! Well, you can. Come out and join LBA and Black Prince Trust.

For a free collaboration to become a ROC, Nike and Jordan Brand are funding promotion for this event and going to help put this whole event on for the community. Black Prince Trust and LBA will be putting on courses all through the year for different courses to help you become a ROC.
Getting this certification can help you get onto the court and make money quickly and easily and pays £20 an hour on average via AllOfficials.

How to become a ROC

  1. Complete the expression of interest form
  2. You will be contacted to be given an exclusive link to sign up.
  3. Once you are selected you will receive a special link to officially sign up through Eventbrite. It is on a first come first serve basis and there are limited spaces.

Priority Criteria

  • Females
  • LGBTQ+
  • Minority groups
  • Lambeth residents
  • Members of Black Prince Trust
  • NEET’s (Not in Education, Employment, or Training)
  • Volunteer at LBA or Black Prince Trust – Get in touch with us today!
There are different course levels that you can join to earn your basketball specific certificates. Here is the summer schedule of courses you can get involved with:
Basketball Coach

Level 1 is for beginners to gain knowledge about the fundamentals of basketball and get a handle on the court.

Level 2 is intermediate and will allow you to coach at national league level, giving you more detailed insight to the sport.

Basketball Referee & Table Official
During the season there are over 200 games a week for Referees and Table Officials to get jobs during the season once you are certified at Level 2. There is a huge demand for basketball officials, however there is a shortage.
Mandatory Volunteering
As one of the steps you must volunteer to officially get certified. This will be done at Black Prince Trust for a minimum of three sessions each two hours.
Courses Schedule
Course Date
L1 Referee 24 July
L1 Table Official 24 July
L1 Coach 31 July – 7 August (Sundays)
L2 Coach 31 July – 21 August (Sundays)
All these courses are at The Regal – Black Prince Trust. This round of courses will be between 24th July to 21st August 2022 every Sunday. If you are keen to get involved but do not fit into this project you can contact us, or get in touch with AllOfficials directly.

Candidate Eligibility

Candidates should meet the following criteria:
  • be at least 14 years of age for Level 1 courses
  • be at least 18 years of age for Level 2 courses

How to get paid

Finally, we recommend you to create a profile on the AllOfficials website. Once we approve your profile, you gain access to an officials job board and can apply to all relevant jobs opportunities posted there.
Written by Bella Samuels